Students Get a TV Series to Teach How to Be a Good Person

Students Get a TV Series to Teach How to Be a Good Person ...

Nowadays, watching TV series is one of the most popular leisure time activities, especially among students. However, not all TV shows are beneficial for young people. Sometimes, they simply distract from academic activities, without giving any real value.

Despite the fact that there are certain series that can transform you into a better person, here are some ideas on how to enjoy more free time as a student.

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Mad Men

Mad Men dealt with psychological repression in an era when being self-sufficient was not an option, particularly for women like Peggy (Elisabeth Moss) and Betty (January Jones). Additionally, the central character of Mad Men was a lost soul seeking nothing less than the purpose of life.

The West Wing

The West Wing is a fantastic political drama starring Aaron Sorkins, who has won numerous awards for its strong moral compass, big-picture themes, and relatable protagonists.

This Is Us

As triplets Kate, Randall, and Kevin discover greater significance in their present-day lives, the generations-spanning story of the Pearson family is told. Randall, a successful businessman and father, wonders who his biological parents are. Kate overcomes her weight problem and learns to love and accept herself. Kevin chooses to pursue a more fulfilling career, which comes with many challenging choices.

Lost are

The ABC dramas flashback structure also helped viewers strengthen bonds with the characters they were seeing.

Peaky Blinders

Following the Great War, Britain in 1919 is a mess of hopelessness and hedonism. Returning military personnel, newly minted revolutionaries, and criminal gangs are all striving for survival. Thomas, though, sees the disappearance of a firearms shipment as a chance to improve his life.

The Good Wife

Because of the show's relatable and dynamic drama and the many well-developed secondary characters, the first several seasons of The Good Wife are rich in emotions.

Breaking Bad is a film adaptation of The Simpsons.

Quality? Check.Sophistication? Check? Different points of view? Check.A five-season narrative that centers on coping with who you are when you're on the verge of death? Check.

With TV series, you may become a better person.

How perceptive are you with people? Do others around you, especially those who are hesitant to express it, give you an idea of what they are thinking or feeling? If you do not have a good idea, spending time with fictional characters might help you develop this ability.

According to a groundbreaking paper published a few years ago, television series may aid in our understanding of individuals' inner lives.

According to Black and Barnes, high-quality series often require readers to fill in gaps in the narrative in order to deepen their understanding of the characters' minds, relationships, and emotions. Once mastered, this ability may be applied in the real world.

Can the Mad Men character Don Draper boost your emotional intelligence? According to Black and Barnes, fictional narratives, whether written or filmed, require that the viewer grasp the characters' beliefs and intentions. It's difficult, if not impossible, to follow the plot of a novel without understanding what the characters are thinking.

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