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Industry leaders join the board of directors of the World Food Travel Association

Industry leaders join the board of directors of the World Food Travel Association

Today the World Food Travel Association announced that four new industry leaders will join its Board of Directors, increasing the number of directors now to thirteen. The new directors are: "The new director is ".

In order to create sustainable, sustainable business, in London, Managing Director, Impacters Group, Ltd., is a London-based marketing firm focused on socially conscious, sustainability and responsible businesses.

Yorm Ackuaku, the host of Item 13, a podcast dedicated to African food. Yorm is a Ghanaian native and lives in Washington DC.

Maureen Littlejohn is an award-winning travel journalist and Executive Editor of Culture Magazin, a publication that promotes the exchange between Canadian and Vietnamese cultures. Maureen is located in Toronto, Canada.

Glenn Jampol, President of the Finca Rosa Blanca Coffee Farm & Inn with a base in Costa Rica, has acted as president of The Fincas Rosa and the Inr. Glenn is the director of Global Ecotourism Network (GEN).

The additions are welcomed by Erik Wolf, executive director of the World Food Travel Association. "Everyone of our new directors brings special skill that strengthens our Association." These four professionals will help us to become the next level of the Association. We're grateful for your support and look forward to working with them to leverage their own strengths in our strategy, marketing and product development initiatives."


The WFTA is a non-profit organization founded in 2001 by Erik Wolf, its current executive director. In addition to culinary tourism, it is recognized as the world's leading authority on food and beverage tourism (a.k.a culinary and gastronomy tourism). The WFTA's mission is to preserve and promote culinary culture through hospitality and tourism. During the year, the organization provides professional programs and services to 200,000 professionals in 150+ countries.

Erik Wolf, (+44) 7827 582 554, [email protected]

Erik Wolf and each of the four new directors are available for interview/comment.

Individual images of each director are available on request.

World Food Travel Association (WOP) SOURCE World Travel Organization (OMC) - SourCE International Food Tourism Association

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