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NextSmartShip Initiated "DTC Accelerator Talks" from its Global E-Commerce/DCT Online Summit 2021, titled "Dec Accelerateur Talking" in the upcoming 2020 Global

NextSmartShip Initiated

The 2021 Global E-Commerce Online Summit was successfully launched by over 12000 viewers on September 10th. The event was held by NextSmartShip, a leading GLOCAL e-commerce fulfillment company. One such scale was the first event, and aimed at a specific theme, to discuss how global DTC brands survive and thrive in post-pandemic era. On the other hand, the program, "DTC Accelerate Talks" from NextSmartShip, was developed to empower global e-commerce brands with the necessary knowledge sets and resources.

The event unveiled how the COVID-19 pandemic posed a lot of challenges for the e-commerce industry, especially global merchants of different sizes, and provided practical knowledge, insights, solutions, from the beginning:

"It's not just doom and gloom, as we believe that pandemic will have long-term positive impact on DTC brands, especially those selling globally. We see the urgent need for businesses to improve and adapt to the post-pandemic era, said John Stone, the partner and head of marketing of NextSmartShip. This online submit was completely different, not just because we made it accessible for all, but also because of the fact that we gathered a lot of DTC merchants into ten communities and discussed the mechanics for transforming their

As a guest speaker of the summit, he explained all the fundamentals of fulfillment, highlighted the core resources of ten fulfillment companies, and the standards for selecting specialized fulfillment partners: robust and intelligent IT infrastructure/SAAS system,

"Working with NextSmartShip makes us a lot of sense. As e-commerce merchants looking to expand globally, they'll encounter new issues like tax obligations. Through our partnership with NextSmartShip, we can ensure that those issues won't stop businesses from growing. The E-com summit was a great idea, and gave the e-commerce merchants the right information and guidance in one place," said James Bright, partner manager of Avalara.

NextSmartShip is known for its reliable and affordable service at no cost, professional and creative products/solutions, global fulfillment centers, a vast and solid network of courier partners, an easy SAAS and whose team always works an The company is accelerating the boundaries of fulfillment and e-commerce, with its continuous innovations continuing to push the limits of the fulfillment industry. Just last month, the company released a Green Packaging Solution which provided all kinds of packing materials from inside out at different cost levels to make more brands move to green.

The summit also marked the launch of NextSmartShip's "DTC Accelerator Talks," a project developed in the effort to bring more information and increase the potential of online merchants and help them realize more, and better

To view the playback of the summit or get more information, please visit: .

About NextSmartShip NextShims About?

NextSmartShip is a technology-centered GLOCAL logistic powerhouse that strives to help DTC brands of different sizes to become the next big thing.

With a short history from 2019, the company helped thousands of global DTC brands gain exceptional growth through its professional, stable and affordable fulfillment services. Today it delivers over a million packages per year to international destinations.

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