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BRUNT Raises $8,4 Million Series A to Reinvent Workwear category

BRUNT Raises $8,4 Million Series A to Reinvent Workwear category

BRUNT Workwear, which is designed to meet demand in the US, closed an $8.4 million Series A round to stimulate its growth and meet the demand. BRUNT plans to use its latest investment to help the so-called incredibly important, yet often overlooked population of more than 17 million workers across the construction, installation, maintenance and repair industries alone. Founded in September 2020 during a The company expects to see a yearly growth of 150% in 2022.

Initially conceived of value-driven work boots and expanded into clothing and accessories, BRUNT quickly sold out of every product it introduced and amassed a loyal fanbase across the country. BRUNT has grown 63% month-over-month, received more than 2,000 five-star reviews and achieved a 44% repeat purchase rate from its original customer cohort.

The new financing round was led by TF Cornerstone, the 50-year-old real estate development firm, with participation from Andrew Rosen and Ben Fischman respectively, pioneers in the fashion and e-commerce industry.

"At TF Cornerstone, we work with thousands of construction workers and tradespeople who tirelessly work to make our projects live. Their hard work makes it possible for people to live in their homes and work in the offices. This work can be very tough on the body, elevating the importance of high quality footwear and apparel for their health. BRUNT understands the needs of these customers and has already built a strong brand and community around its efforts, said "BRUNT's momentum, thus far, is astounding and we're thrilled to invest in the company'' efforts to serve this important customer group."

Among the founder's early investors, TF Cornerstone, Rosen and Fischman also contributed to the brand'' seed round, sharing the vision of a new category that still relies on antiquated methods of marketing and selling BRUNT on the other hand prioritizes high-touch service, exceptional quality and value pricing with a modern, yet functional design that resonates with their customers.

"The response to BRUNT was extraordinary. With over 90% of BRUNT customers using our product to work every day, the first delivery of five thousand pairs of boots closed immediately, said Eric Girouard, founder and CEO. Since I moved into a blue-collar household, I regularly met childhood friends who work in construction and the trades as he started to build the company. I wanted to connect the core customer with the process. We didn't build it by ourselves. BRUNT makes products they need daily to earn a living and work. We don't take responsibility for these tasks lightly.

Girouard spent a decade working in the e-commerce and direct-to-consumer space before founding BRUNT. He spent more than ten years working with many companies including Rue La La, M.G

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