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Immi Raises $38 million in seed funding to modernize Instant Ramen With a Bold, New Taste and Nutritional Profile

Immi Raises $38 million in seed funding to modernize Instant Ramen With a Bold, New Taste and Nutritional Profile

Immi, the best-for-you Asian American food company that launched the world's first fast-food ramen during the pandemic, announced a $3 million seed round fundraise led by Palm Tree, Cons

The raise comes as well as releasing a complete reformulation of their product, aiming to replicate the traditional instant ramen. The instant noodle space is a $46 billion dollar industry that immi has already broken into, and the brand plans to expand its market share with this relaunch as it invests this new influx of capital into product The product relaunch improves broth taste, texture and slurpability, and includes increased fiber for extra gut health, reduced net carbs and completely reassuring the mouthfeel. This makes immi

"When the initial launch of immi, the excitement and reception of the team and a better-for-you ramen was incredible," explained Kevin Lee. As long as we continue to iterate and listen to our consumer feedback, this seed round funding will be used to produce a product that isn't just nutritious, but that's truly indistinguishable from traditional instant

The formula and manufacturing change came after the launch of immi in 2021, designed to satisfy customers with low carb, keto and carb-restricted health lifestyles. A new formula, which was based on feedback from customers including immi's 4,000 beta testers, has been improved to appeal to its consumer base.

"We invested in immi because they created a craveable product that combines modern and adult tastes with traditional comfort foods, bringing international and diverse flavors to broader audiences, while ensuring nutrient density is driving factor," "Although the consumer preferences continue to shift toward better-for-you offerings that don't compromise on flavor, immi is perfectly positioned to reinvent a category that isn'd yet to see true innovation."

"The investors in the seed round bring an incredible wealth of knowledge that helped us bring immi to the everyday eater," said Kevin Chanthasiriphan, co-founder of immic. With this capital influx and the continued support from our investors, we plan to expand manufacturing and production in a way that will let us bring new product innovation to our customers in rapid succession.

"I'm excited to continue supporting the plant-based and better-for-you food movement with Palm Tree's recent investment in immi," explained Kygo, DJ, Songwriter, Producer, and Investor. Ramen is one of my favorite on-the-go meals, so I was pleased to find a nutritious and delicious alternative to the existing options.

"Before immi, I had to cut ramen out of my life," stated Patrick Schwarzenegger, Actor and Investor. I like to eat ramen again because immi is low carb, high protein and most importantly delicious.

Kevin Lee and Kevin Chanthasiriphan grew up based in Taiwan and Thai family food businesses and created immi to enrich lives through Asian American food.

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ABOUT IMMI, IAM is a solitary wing. Immi is an Asian American food brand that makes the world's first easy food-made ramen, which is made from low-carb, high-protein, 100% plant-based ingredients. Immie is easy to prepare Their 100% plant-based flavors include Spicy "Beef", Tom Yum "Shrimp" and Black Garlic "Chicken". To learn more, visit the website. .

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