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New Patriot movement combats the falsehoods of the anti-Maskers and anti–Vaxxers

New Patriot movement combats the falsehoods of the anti-Maskers and anti–Vaxxers

After the COVID-19 pandemic, Mask andamp; Vax Patriots announced the official launch of a dedicated campaign to destigmatize mask-wearing and vaccination. The Delta Variant soaring, MVP demands the American population to educate and express themselves, and thus do their best to promote public health. MVP will coordinate pro-mask and provax events in locations across the United States. Through a message expressing their love of country, true American patriots also have embraced vigilance and encouragement. The MVP gear is available for consumers directly.

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"What do we mean by patriotism, especially during a pandemic?" asked Victor Bock, owner and operator of MVP. "Anti-maskers and anti-vaxxers portray themselves as patriots." Why is this? Why do they claim a monopoly on patriotism? They don't. It's a big hypnotism, and we can't afford it now. I intend to shine light on true patriots who choose to protect our nation by wearing masks and getting vaccinated."

MVP: Some facts and myths concerning masks and Vaccines*.

  • Masks only protect wearers, not everybody else: masks protect all wearer's clothing. Masks protect everyone. Recent studies found that unmasked individuals spread droplets up to eight feet away, while those wearing masks only spread drops upto a foot. This is why social distancing is always paired with masks.
  • Wearing a mask increases the risk of carbon dioxide over time. There is absolutely no scientific evidence to support this claim. Healthcare workers often wear masks for prolonged periods of time, especially during long surgeries. If there were a carbon dioxide problem with that, then it would be common knowledge at the moment.
  • We can't trust these new mRNA Vaccines. It's false. These vaccines work differently than traditional vaccine, but they still trigger a immune response in the body. The development and research have been ongoing for decades. The delivery system is new mRNA - but the research has been constantly updated. The FDA has fully supported and approved the research.

He said that many thousand people died of COVID infections nationally, millions globally. The time has come to really stand up, says Bock. Rather than splicing the ignorant tense and stubborn selfishness regarding public health mandates, we hope to show a true patriot is someone who trusts science than conspiracies. Similarly, he looks True patriots wear masks and get vaccinated because they love their country and their citizens. And that's why we're starting a new Patriot Movement."

Please visit the CDC online to learn the best practices for masks and vaccines related to COVID-19. And to explore the new Patriot Movement, to introduce a pro-mask and pro vax, follow MVP on social media: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter.

*Masking and vaccine facts sourced from the Michigan Health Blog and the CDC.

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