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American Technology Components Forms Partnership with NuCurrent Form a partnership with the American Techno Com Composer Form Form

American Technology Components Forms Partnership with NuCurrent Form a partnership with the American Techno Com Composer Form Form

"American Technology Components" and "NuCurrent" announced today a partnership that will combine the power of ATC's wireless charging solutions with the expertise and quality of the electronic subsystems. The partnership signals transformative innovation of new product categories including RV, marine and boating.

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As for the advancement of technology, ATC strives to become responsive to the new technological innovation, especially when it is a natural opportunity for our customers, said Ross Nusbaum, Director of Sales and Marketing at ACT. "Although the industry-leading charging speeds and range is the driving force of wireless charging, this will transform how RV and boat manufacturers deploy wireless chargers."

The new product line includes two EPP 15W Qi Extended Range Wireless Chargers. The wireless chargers leverage NuCurrent's MP-A17 transmitter design specification and their intellectual property to produce a product that triples the charge height and volume, to provide optimum charging experience for end-users.

The charging solutions for ATC can be mounted under 9mm of nonmetallic surfaces, creating a multitude of sleek, durable and never-before-seen product integrations, including dashboards and kitchen countertops.

"The adoption of wireless power is increasing exponentially" "We are proud to integrate our wireless technologies into ATC's new line of products," said Tim Tumilty, EVP of Sales and Marketing at NuCurrent "The potential for innovation in the RV, marine and boating space is particularly exciting - and just too fun."

The wireless charging has been an after-market feature added by customers themselves. The integrated wireless chargers manufactured by leading competitors can charge only a maximum of 3 to 5mm of separation distance, resulting in high manufacturing costs, increased risk of water and debris ingress, and more. ATC's wireless chargers are superior to the competition, as shown in the chart below.

For more information on ATC's new wireless charger service, visit the shop

ABOUT ATC, ARE AKTIVES, THAN AUSAGES and BATTERYS. American Technology Components, Inc. is an innovative custom manufacturer providing products and services across multiple industries. ATC manufactures Audio/Video Controls, Switch Control, Electronic Control Systems, RF Control and Exterior 12V Lighting, Wiper Systems and Components; 12v Accessories and Molded Convenience items.

The sales, engineering and production team at American Technology Components, Inc. design and manufacture from concept to circuit design, and then from tooling to a tested and finished quality product. American Technology Components, Inc. is your manufacturer. We have over 30 years of experience and expertise in custom electronics business. We can be successful in fulfilling your product requirements.

ABOUT NUCURRENT, OUT of NUCRRENCE. NuCurrent supplies services to Fortune 1000 companies and other high-flying product developers with wireless power technologies and product integration expertise. Our core technologies are magnetics, software, and systems simulation. We have generated over 150 patents globally granted and pending, and unparalleled internal tools that make competitive competitive, improve product performance and reduce major development risks. Our broad system integration expertise supports manufacturers of electronics, smartphones, wearables, hearable, consumer electronics and medical devices, robotics and IoT, sporting equipment and other emerging products.

NuCurrent solutions are built on inductive and induct resonant wireless power transfer, which offers convenience, safety, efficiency and increased user experience. We're a venture-backed company founded in 2009 with offices in Hong Kong, San Diego and Bangalore. More information is available at More info is being provided at the site

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