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The Global Cybersecurity Leader and CISO Chris Olsen elected to the board of directors

The Global Cybersecurity Leader and CISO Chris Olsen elected to the board of directors

SPHERE announced the addition of Chris Olsen to the board of directors today. Chris will play an integral role as a member of the board to develop BSCR's vision for future success and growth.

Chris has 25 years of technical expertise in building innovative and effective security programs. Using his extensive experience in security architecture, engineering, and program development, he's able to drive business success by bridging security initiatives with company goals

"Chris' entrepreneurial mindset, combined with his technical and strategic expertise in government regulatory controls, security solutions development, and years of real-world experience tackling global security problems," said the CEO and Founder of SPHERE. "As we begin to focus more on implementing new technologies into our product offerings such as AI and cloud, our strong team of cybersecurity experts will prove crucial to bringing these innovative access governance solutions to market for our clients in highly regulated

"The threat landscape is constantly changing, and today's businesses must move quickly to keep their past clean while preparing for new security solutions and defense in depth to meet the constantly evolving threats," said Chris Olsen.

Chris is the current vice president of Global Cybersecurity Services, and CISO of ADP, responsible for the company's Global Counterterrorism and Fraud fusion centers. The center is responsible to develop a threat-led defense strategy Chris led the development of STEALTHbits Technologies before he was at ADP, defining the company's strategic roadmap. Read more about Chris' background and expertise, or connect with him, visit his LinkedIn profile at the bottom of the page. / .

About SPHERE: SPHERE is a women-owned cybersecurity business that is focused on improving security and enhancing compliance. SPHERE puts the controls on place to protect your sensitive data, create the right governance processes for your systems and assets, and make sure companies comply with the alphabet soup of regulations surrounding their respective industries. For more information, please visit

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