Shakira Talked About Her First Camera Phone Encounter In Early 2000s

Shakira Talked About Her First Camera Phone Encounter In Early 2000s ...

The three-time Grammy shared a throwback Instagram post with hilarious early aughts footage, which she discusses for the first time about the then-new technology.

According to Perus La Republica, Shakira went to interview Japanese journalist Katsuya Kobayashi in 2002. She then asked, Is that a camera? She was surprised.

Although the Colombian singer was impressed, she also had some reservations. Where do you get this in America, no? Shakira replied, "Thank God, for all the paparazzi."

The creator of Dancing With Myself made light of the decades-old video, which had Stranger Things-sounding audio and danger warnings added. Cant see these camera phones catching on she joked in her Instagram caption, adding in Spanish that she can barely see how much they've changed.

What's striking in the video isn't just how far cellphones have come since the early 2000s, but also how long Shakira has been in the public eye since she began her career as a Spanish-speaking artist following the 2001 release of Laundry Service. She's had to deal with a lot, including paparazzi reportedly rifling through her trash in 2016 and apparently stalking her and her kids in 2018.

Te Felicito's privacy has been a top concern for the singer in recent months. Gerard Pique, the father of her two children, announced their separation in early June. We regret to announce that we are separating, according to the Associated Press.

Shakira will be tried in Spain for allegedly tax cheating, according to CNN in July. She has maintained her innocence, and her team claims in a statement that she has always exhibited excellent behavior as a person and taxpayer.

Despite personal difficulties, Shakira continues to have fun on social media, and her followers are here for it. One fan commented in Spanish about her reaction to the camera phone. Another added that Shakira does not appear the same, noting that the technology has changed much over the years.

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