Aaron Rodgers New Tattoo Photo And Meaning Behind His New Tattoo

Aaron Rodgers New Tattoo Photo And Meaning Behind His New Tattoo ...

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The internet has been filled with guesses since he revealed the new tattoo on his left arm. Now, you don't have to guess anymore, because the man himself has explained why?

What the Packers quarterback does with his right arm most often makes the news. This time, though, it was his left arm that got people talking.

Aaron Rodgers Discusses His New Tattoo and What It Means

Aaron Rodgers unveiled his new tattoo on his left forearm almost a month ago. The reigning MVP did post a photo of the strange design on social media, along with a message saying that he would explain how it all came to be one day. Now that the star of Green Bay has kept his word and decided to talk, we can all rest a bit better.

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Rodgers was asked what his new tattoo implying in a recent interview, and the Packers star hesitated to respond. Aquarius is on the right, Sagittarius is on the middle, and Scorpio is on the far left.

Im lucky to have two Godsons. One of them is an Aquarius, the other is a Sagittarius, so I wanted to get a tattoo that represented them. At that point, Rodgers admitted that he had only talked about two of the three signs in his own birth chart. The rest is partly about elements and partly about other things.

Balazs Bercsenyi tattooed Aaron Rodgers, but who is he?

Rodgers also described the person who made the mark. Balazs Bercsenyi, a well-known tattoo artist from Hungary, received the honor.

I like the musician, according to Rodgers, because he was God's will. I spent some time in Europe between two visits, and he lives in Hungary, and everything worked out for that thing to be placed on my arm.

Both the Packers and Rodgers will be hoping that his other arm will get just as much attention and for the right reasons this coming season.

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