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IDenta launches the first patent-protected single test kit on Amazon for Identifying 30 types of illegal drug-types

IDenta launches the first patent-protected single test kit on Amazon for Identifying 30 types of illegal drug-types

IDenta Corp. (OTCQB: IDTA) is a global leader in the development of Detection Kits to identify illegal drugs and explosives, as well as other Forensic Products for the Homeland The company launched its unique patent kit for the identification of 30 types of illicit drugs in one test. This isn't the case, it's the other way. The first kit in the world that identifies 30 types of illicit drugs using a single test. is a great platform to launch. The kit is reliable, easy to use and is easily delivered with instant results and can now be ordered through Amazon using the following link:

"It's exciting, but not common to publish products on Amazon. However, the fact is that the people aren't able to speak. It is extremely rare to launch an UNIQUE PATENTED product on Amazon. . Amazon is the best platform to sell products online. The retail market for Home Diagnostics and Drug Detection Solutions is huge. This distribution method of IDenta products will make IDsenta a major player on the online market."

About IDenta Corp.

IDenta Corp. is a global leader in the development and supply of custom testing kits for drugs & Explosives and Unique Forensic Products in our Homeland Security and Consumer Markets. IDenta develops, manufactures and distributes revolutionary products for the professional law and retail markets, which consistently meet the highest standards and testing procedures of law enforcement and security agencies around the world.

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