Amazon is gaining momentum in mental health care thanks to a Ginger partnership

Amazon is gaining momentum in mental health care thanks to a Ginger partnership ...

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Amazon is everywhere: in people's homes, offices, shopping carts, and, as of recently, therapy offices. According to an Amazon Care webpage, the company Ginger and Amazons virtual healthcare program have now reached out. Insider was the first to provide information on the new products.

Amazon Care offers a range of mental health services, including minor anxieties, but may refer patients to outside specialists for more serious problems, according to the website. Ginger, a digital mental health platform that offers consumers access to therapists and coaches seven days a week, will be an optional add-on for businesses using Amazon Care.

Despite privacy concerns, a wave of mental health applications has invaded the market to fill this gap.

Amazon and Ginger have not made their connection publicly known, and at the time of this writing, Amazon had not responded to a request for comment.

Amazon Care, a hybrid in-person and virtual care service, was initially introduced in 2019 for Amazon employees in Seattle. Companies in all 50 states now have the option to provide this service to their employees.

Amazon announced in July that it would acquire One Medical, a primary care company.

Amazon is integrating into all aspects of daily living, not just healthcare. It just agreed to purchase iRobot, the business behind the Roomba robot cleaner, which makes detailed lists of people's houses.

Jennifer Pattison Tuohy, a Verge smart home critic, believes Amazon decided to purchase the company. Another leak from the IT company is stretching out and encircling the private sphere, giving them a very complete picture of your everyday existence.


The Amazon Care program was initially created as a virtual clinic for Amazon's own employees, but it has since been extended to other companies across the United States. In February, Amazon announced that its in-person care offerings would include more than 20 new locations, including New York, San Francisco, Chicago, and Miami.

Amazon announced last month that it would purchase One Medical, a hybrid primary care company for $3.9 billion in cash.

Trilliant Health's senior vice president for market strategy and chief research officer, said the presence of a physical footprint enhances their continuum of care. Sanjula Jain commented on HIMSS TV. Previous investments now make a lot more sense because they are actually in the primary care area. There is now a way to include that into the delivery process.

Ginger, a virtual mental health business founded by data scientists and entrepreneurs from the MIT Media Lab, was launched in 2011. Headspace Health was launched in October 2021 after Ginger and Headspace, a stress, sleep, and meditation app, successfully combined. The virtual mental health business had raised $100 million in a Series E fundraising round prior to the agreement.

Amazon Care is expanding its offering of services to encompass behavioral health care, including virtual health visits, in-person primary care visits at patients' homes or offices, and prescription delivery options.

Amazon Care's health services division plans to collaborate with Ginger, a teletherapy business that provides on-demand mental health services, including behavioral health coaches, certified therapists, and psychiatrists.

Amazon promoted collaboration as a way for employees to receive both physical and mental health treatment in one location. According to the companys website, well handle coordination between Care teams and Ginger therapists and psychiatrists.

According to the website, the two companies will exchange patient health information.

Amazon Care primary care physicians address common behavioral health issues, and care coordinators will wherever possible connect staff members to top-notch, in-network behavioral health experts for acute-to moderate-level concerns, according to the website.

People familiar with the situation told Business Insider that the new service has not yet begun.

According to a B&H annual survey of employer attitudes toward healthcare, this step is being taken as businesses intensify their efforts to increase their employees' access to mental health care. In 2022, improved access to these services will be a top priority for three out of four businesses (76%).

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