Following the first Matrix trilogy, what occurred in Zion?

Following the first Matrix trilogy, what occurred in Zion? ...

The Matrix Resurrections revisits Zion after the events of the first three Matrix films. This raises the question of what happened to Zion. The most recent film clarifies the Zions' fate and updates the franchises mythos.1999s The Matrix Resurrections solidified the Wachowskis' film legacy.

Zion is a made-up city in The Matrix films. After humans and sentient machines fought a terrible nuclear conflict that made artificial lifeforms rule the world. The surviving humans in The Matrix Resurrections reside in IO, not Zion. The Machine World suffered a chemical disaster when humans left the Matrix. This war allowed The Analyst to enslave humanity once more.

In The Matrix Resurrections, Why Was IO Used Instead of Zion?

The filmmakers construct a compelling, unique history by tying previous films to different situations. At the conclusion of Matrix Revolutions, the new film is more than a rerun. Many machines went to Zion to explore the human world with newly freed people.

Humans and synthients escaped Zion and established IO alongside. Resurrections are a new form of warfare, forming an alliance of independent beings against. their enslavers. Syntients make IO a better place for a better humanity. IO is an ideal consequence, and supports Neo and Trinitys happy ending.

Matrix 4 suggests further sequels. The film's box revenue fell during the epidemic, and there is no assurance that there will be more adventures, even if it provides the basis for interesting scenarios. The joyful conclusion of the heroes in The Matrix Resurrections over their terrible deaths in The Matrix Revolutions appears to be more popular with viewers and critics, thus the series' better epilogue.

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