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The Kellogg Sales Institute launches Professional Certificate in Sales, in partnership with Emeritus, under the direction of award-winning Professor Craig Wortmann

The Kellogg Sales Institute launches Professional Certificate in Sales, in partnership with Emeritus, under the direction of award-winning Professor Craig Wortmann

The Kellogg Sales Institute launched the Professional Certificate in Sales to help new and experienced sales professionals and entrepreneurs learn exceptional sales techniques. The five-month intensive was developed by the award-winning author and industry expert, Kellogg Professor Craig Wortmann. The course was designed for the prestigious industry industry leader, Emeritus, which is the leading upskill

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With more than 346,000 unique sales jobs in the United States alone, there are many career opportunities for trained sales professionals. Designed by the Kellogg Sales Institute, which is dedicated to the art and science of sales, the program trains sales The online program equips participants with a 50-tool personal sales toolkit to develop their personal brand and to build sales skills and discipline to be both magnetic and unstoppable in their careers.

The Professional Certificate in Sales is designed, developed and delivered by Professor Craig Wortmann, Clinical Professor of Innovation and Entrepreneurship at Kellogg and the Founder of the Kellg Sales Institute. Professor Wortmann helped global companies like Google, Kraft, and Starbucks transform their sales teams into sales cultures high-performing. Over the years, he won a multitude of awards.

The program combines industry-leading experts, research-based, field-tested content and activation of sales tools that make participants a signature selling approach and transform their mindset to prioritize growth and progress in their lives. The faculty is supported by Many other guest experts include world-renowned faculty from Kellogg and Harvard on negotiations and sales, one of the most accomplished coaches of all time in collegiate sports, the founder and CEO of, best-selling authors, an

The Kellogg Professional Certificate in Sales program transforms participants into exceptional sellers, leaders and communicators, from learning negotiation strategies and storytelling to cultivating strong networking skills and developing a personal brand, said Professor. These skills and disciplines will help professionals achieve immediate results and thrive in their careers.

The five-month program is a total of 18 modules, delivered through interactive online classes led by Professor Wortmann, and live teaching sessions, application exercises, peer-reviews and case studies, as well as nifty projects. The program offers a chance to specialize in one of three high-growth sales fields: Business, Healthcare, or Technology. Participants design specialization-specific tools under the guidance of industry experts to become exceptional entrepreneurs, healthcare sales professionals or technology sales specialists.

"Those who enroll in the Professional Certificate in Sales Program will learn from an individual who's the top of his field," said Erin Rosenblatt, Director of Professional Certifications at Emeritus. "Professor Wortmann delivers outstanding training and academic tools, as the founder and CEO of the Kellogg Sales Institute, he is a strong salesman and entrepreneur. His work is made available to blue-chip brands around the This course is a must for anyone seeking to achieve an aptitude that is highly coveted in today's workforce -- sales."

The Professional Certificate in Sales program starting on September 30 is priced at USD 6500, including tuition fees, academic materials and access to online coursework. The program is now open for enrollment through Emeritus. Visit the program page to learn more.

About Kellogg Sales Institute. The Kellogg Sales Institute was founded in 2017 by Professor Craig Wortmann and aims to enhance the reputation of the Kellg School of Management's established world-class reputation and develop the best sales and sales leaders and talent anywhere in The Kellogg Sales Institute seeks to create and teach programs that activate high-impact sales habits through immersive and tailored experiences. These programs aim to create salespeople with a great capacity to drive fast growth for their organizations.

About Kellogg executive education Kellogg Executive Education gives business leaders the ability to achieve their goals and achieve success. Our renowned faculty, composed of the world's best scientists, educators and practitioners, provide practical insights that participants can apply as soon as they return to work. We serve diverse businesses and executives from a wide variety of industries and geographies by combining the collaborative and immersive environment of our executive development programs.

About Emeritus, a term for Emera, is derived from Emez. Emeritus is committed to teaching future skills through the education of high quality, accessible and affordable to all, all over the world. That makes it happen by collaborating with more than 50 universities in the United States, Europe, Latin America, Southeast Asia, India and China. Emeritus short courses, degree programs, professional certificates and senior executives help individuals learn new skills and transform their lives, businesses and organizations. Over 80+ countries have developed a unique model of modern technology, teaching innovation and hands-on instruction from senior faculty, mentors and coaches. Emeritus has more than 1400 employees globally, and has offices in Mumbai, New Delhi, Shanghai, Singapore, Palo Alto, Mexico City, Boston, London, Dubai, Massachusetts, Los Angeles, The company is valued at $3.2 billion in the year after its $650 million Series E funding round in August 2021, and is supported by Accel, SoftBank Vision Fund 2, the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative, Leeds Illuminate, Pro

SOURCE Emeritus: SHERCE award.

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