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ReelWorld & Reels2Media Create New Sonic Brand for Bloomberg Television and Radio

ReelWorld & Reels2Media Create New Sonic Brand for Bloomberg Television and Radio

ReelWorld and Reels2Media announce the launch of a new sonic and musical brand identity for Bloomberg Television and Radio.

The package is based on the sonic identity of the Bloomberg Television, Radio and Digital platform, which is created by ReelWorld co-founder/Reeler Music Director Erik Huber and his Seattle-based production team

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Mike Thomas, CEO and a proud moment of ReelWorld. "This is regarded as 'a monumental achievement' and "a very proud opportunity for our company," said President of the ReelsWorld and Rel2Media The credibility we built as the radio industry's sonic brand leader is testament to the fact that we've worked with the entrusted task of creating a new audio signature for branded brands as significant as Bloomberg. Our work for Bloomberg marks the dawn of a new era of content creation for us and I'm excited to expand our media branding portfolio."

The television network consists of two major musical themes and visual brand identities. A collection of an array of radio-centric themes and workparts was produced for Bloomberg Radio, including topics for top of hour, traffic, weather and sports segments, Business Flash updates and breaking news.

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ReelWorld is a world's leading jingle, imaging and sonic brand company. Trusted by thousands of radio stations worldwide and heard by millions of listeners every day, Reels are the world

Our work is broadcast on the world's biggest radio and broadcast media brands. We include: CBC, NBC, and CW, the largest telecasting company, in which we speak.

Global: Bloomberg Television, Bloomberg Radio, Radio and Television. North America: iHeartRadio, Audacy. New York: WLTW, WHTZ, WPLW-FM, WWPR-WLT, CBS-TV, and WRT-H. Los Angeles Los Los Dodge Los San Angeles : KIIS, KOST, KBIG, KYSR, FKFI, etc. - / KM, "KOST", KFI,/, Chicago: WKSC, WBBM, WLIT, etc. The two of us are both a sane man and he. CHUM, CHFI, CKIS, CJFM, FBT, JFM. Europe: Radio 1, Radio Scotland, Local Radio, Heart, RTE, NRJ, Los40 Los, 40-plus, Radio Broadcasting, 3D, BBC, Play, NJ. The next step is to get the best of the three o'clock. 2DayFM, KIIS, Triple M, Fox FM.

ReelWorld's team in Seattle, WA and MediaCityUK provide unparalleled levels of creativity, client service and commitment to keeping brands relevant and on-trend.


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