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More than 80 media & community leaders focus on Advancing Diverse Talent Retention September 20-23

More than 80 media & community leaders focus on Advancing Diverse Talent Retention September 20-23

NEW YORK, Sept. 14, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- -- April 14, 2010 -- September 14, 2018 - August 14, 2011 -- June 14, 2008 -- BUSINESS WIRE: May 14, 2017 Oct.

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You are invited to the inaugural of the event. Advancing Diversity Week, April 21, 2019 a multi-day gathering bringing together the media, advertising, marketing and entertainment community in securing mutually minded interests in diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging. A new way forward for our industry is curated to provide unapologetic conversations in service to truth, meaning and a new era.

Advancing Diversity Week - Taking a proactive approach to diversity. The's series of keynote addresses and provocative panel discussions hosted by, and The Female Quotient (The FQ) features: : The Fq, D-E-I + Belonging! Monday, September 20; Belonging + Retention. Tuesday, September 21; and a Tuesday on Tuesday; September 21, 21. Meaning Meaning and Multicultural + Meaning On Wednesday, 22 September, the meeting was held on Wednesday. To complete agenda of the upcoming events, we will complete the agenda. 80 plus Advancing Diversity Week - the new Diversity Project. Talk about a subject, go to

On Thursday, September 23 from noon to 2:00 p.m. Advertising & Media Gen Z Town Hall, Town hall, Genz Town. The four of them are together. th ii a san tiyam y hygiayyiriji siradynyniem jestta Advancing diversity Hall of Honors Honor, a longstanding sabbatical of honors and honor honor, and promoting diversity. Inductees and those in the early stages of their career exchanged about the future of the workplace: the inductors, the leaders in their early career, and the people in a conversation about what is happening in these To secure your place via Zoom, register here to secure a place. .


I'm more than enough of what I do, but I can't be with you.

Day one Theme: Day One Themes.

Monday, September 20th Monday - Monday.

11 o'clock to 3 m. (so long Eastern) (except 11:00 to 10:30pm, except for breakfast).


11 p.m.

Opening remarks will be open on opening remarks.

Jack Myers Founder,. ,. MediaVillage and; Phil McKenzie, Executive Director, executive director, senior and executive executive secretary, director and director director. , a sham, in p.; Ronda Carnegie is Rondale. , Chief Innovation Officer, Chief Development Officer. , The Female Quotient; Alexa Sanchez , Female Quotient, a female Qualified Quest Team, is the Female Experience Team.

The time will come at the end of the year.

Welcome to the ANA Panel and introduce them to us.

Marc Pritchard, Marc. P&G, Chief Brand Officer, PampʼS;C;P&&nbs;E. Bob Liodice has Bob. , CEO, ANA.

11:15 p.m.

Inclusion and Belonging: Recreating Workplace Culture in our post-Pandemic world: From Induction to Becoming: Rebuilding Work Culture: The Post-Knowing World: a PostPunde

Lisette Arsuaga is a Lilly-Assada-ledagu. , Co-founder, AIMM and Co.CEO DMI Consulting; & Founder. Ana Ceppi, Ana. Senior Advisor, Senior Consultant. , Edelman is Hispanic marketing. Karla Davis, a Karlea, A. Vice-President, Integrated Marketing and Media, Ulta Beauty; Angela Guy , Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer, North America, L'Oral; Matt Tumminello, Matt. , President, Target 10: LGBTQ Segment Specialists.


A Comprehensive Vision of DEIB: Embracing a unified vision of the DRAW.

Marla Kaplowitz, Mara Kapolinski, says. President and CEO. , ''. 4A; Sara Porritt Sara , Director of the Omnicom Media Group, Diversity and Inclusion, Chief Executive Officer, Omni Com Media; Jeff Marshall , Chief Diversity Officer, UM Worldwide; Jeff King, and Jeff. Barcley's CEO, Barcaley; Geraldine White Chief Diversity Officer, Chief Executive Officer, 'Security Officer'. , '. Publicis Groupe

12:15:45 PM.

The future belongs to Belonging.

Kat Gordon, Gordon. Founder/CEO is the CEO of the company. ,. The 33% movement; Walter Geer, Walter, a reporter. Creative Director, Creative Directors, creative director, executive director. ,. VMLY&R.


Rethinking the Employee Experience: Reimagining Future: The Remarking Reevaluation of the Future.

Destiny Chambers, Destinies, based in the city of Lisbon. VP, Head, Marketing, Lippe Taylor; Ebony A. Thomas, Thomas. SVP, ESG and Public Policy Executive, Bank of America; Judy Courtney, a judge, isn't able to. VP, Human Resources, v. vice-president. , et al. New York Interconnect; Heather Tinsley-Fix-Stress-Thirty-Fx. Senior Advisor, Employer Engagement, AARP; LeMia Jenkins Thompson Dr. Lemii Connor Thompson. , Global Head of Communications, Pinterest; Tony Sanchez , VP, Customer Experience, Comcast Advertising / & Advertising, Copyright.


Technology has the opportunity to do business.

Donald Williams, Donald. Teads Leadership executive, Chief Diversity Officer, Horizon Media; Teas leadership executive.

1:35-1:45 PM

Diverse Board Recruitment Solutions - Paying it Forward.

Kate Byrne, a photographer. KatapultX, and editor,; Mike Kelly CEO, Founder & CEO. , ''. Kelly Newman Advisors; Constance Cannon Frazier Frazer Constable Clock Fraterzier Condensation Cclamzier. , principal, Priority of the school. ,. Cardinal Change Consulting is a consulting firm for the Cardinal.

13:45-23:15 AM.

TWITTER PRESENTS. : Cultivating a cultural inclusive culture is merely allowing an inclusive cultural culture.

God-is Rivera River. Global Director, Culture and Community, Global Director, Cultural and Cultural Affairs, and Founder, International Director. , a sane python el lmo. Twitter; Twitter, Twitter - Twitter and Twitter: Twitter head of health; twitter head deanthropy; and social media: tweet head, televised, twitter and twitter.

2:15 p.m. 25 oclock.

Featured Conversation with the Voice of Nickelodeon Africa, Lerai Rakoditsoe, The Red and the Red Red, by Lerain Raikola, Igorka, a Director of the University

Danielle Kayembe, 'Danielsle'. Moderator , Impact on FQ Impact.

2:25 2 2 50

Building cooperative leaders are building an inclusive leader.

Ronda Carnegie, Carnegie. Female Quotient, Chief Innovation Officer. Mita Mallick, please. Carta, head of Inclusion Equity and Impact, Head of Insider Equity, Cartha, Cartat Head, Include Equity & Impact;, Kara.

2:50 - 3:00 PM

Closing Remarks Remarques Relais Relatives to Closurers Remarkeds.

Ronda Carnegie is Rondon. and Erika Sanchez, Erik. The Female Quotient is a Quaranty.

The star was a wolf Advancing diversity Week - Exploring diversity. The programs are underwritten by:

  • The CW, Disney Ad Sales, Twitter, ViacomCBS, WarnerMedia, The Disney Channel, the Violent PARTNER: The Walt Disney Company, TV, Livestream, YouTube, Video, and the Disney TV
  • A+E Networks, Crown Media, Discovery, Moody's Network, NPR, Verizon, Vevo.
  • Comcast Advertising, DPAA, GroupM, Havas Media, IPG Mediabrands, John A. Reisenbach Foundation (JAR), MediaLink, NBA, New York Interconnect, Publicis Media, Tead
  • Bold Culture, Forbes, The FQ, MediaVillage, USA TODAY NETWORK: Bolded culture, New York, MIT, US AUX DAY, BALLY PARTNER: The United States

Advancing diversity week is a multi-cultural day.

The Advancing Diversity Education Fund is supported by sponsors revenues. The foundation, the American Educational Foundation, Alliance for Inclusive and Multicultural Marketing, JAR, TD Foundation and the Jacaronda Foundation College Loan Relief Fund.

For press inquiries, contact Diane Stefani ([email protected]). Follow @AdvDiversity @MediaVillageCom @JackMyersBiz @FemaleQuotient; #ADH2021 #AdvdiversitiesWeekeek @Adol.

The town hall of SOURCE mediaVillage is a source mediavillage.

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