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With the direct healthcare staff and Jasper Health to partner on a resolving oncology solution, the company will continue to develop responsibilities on the groundbreaking solution

With the direct healthcare staff and Jasper Health to partner on a resolving oncology solution, the company will continue to develop responsibilities on the groundbreaking solution

As a result of the merger, the company announced he was giving resuscitation to cancer patients. Both Jasper Health and Employer Direct Healthcare have proven track record of bringing about positive change in the complex and crowded healthcare space. This innovative oncology solution will improve the lives of cancer patients by providing quality care while providing personal guidance and engagement through a smart digital platform.

Under the partnership, Jasper Health's digital platform is to be offered exclusively to the employer market through its oncology offering. Employer Direct Healthcare will immediately offer its client base a combined offering that covers more than two million lives. The combined offering will be marketed to health systems, health plans and administrators or other health entities seeking a complete end-to-end oncology solution.

Jasper Health has nearly 10,000 recently diagnosed Members now, and it tracked all the symptoms, medications, treatments and appointments on its platform. Its personalized guidance capabilities contextually surface educational materials, recommended actions and digital interventions. A recent study showed that half of Jasper Members reported a reduction in distress and 67% claimed better medication adherence when using the platform.

In relation to the partnership, Dickon Waterfield, Chief Strategy Officer of Employer Direct Healthcare said, "Our mission is to democratize best-in-class specialty care." This includes providing access to leading cancer institutes, while helping to keep patients close to their families, communities, and support systems. Doing that requires personal, human-led support and personalized digital guidance to engage members at each step of their journey. We believe that Jasper's digital platform is a key component of the supporting patients and their families.

We're thrilled to join the team at Jasper Health. Adam and Greg are passionate consumers, and they have demonstrated impressive growth in a short period of time. We particularly appreciate their belief that everyone's experience is different and the key to success is personalizing the individual."

"At Jasper Health, we continue to make digital oncology care transformation a reality. We have already seen significant interest in Jasper from self-insured employers wanting to provide the employees experiencing this horrible disease an end-to-end resource for guiding and navigation. This partnership is an exciting partnership and will accelerate our ability to offer Jasper to the employer market. We're pleased to partner with Employer Direct Healthcare in the continued pursuit of providing a consumer-centric healthcare experience.

He said that the need for a solution is hardly possible. Mike Adams, former VP, Benefits & Human Resources, and active advisor to the Employer Health Innovation Roundtable and various Private Equity / Venture Capital The combination of Jasper's digital engagement platform with the Virtual Care Team of Employer Direct Healthcare, remote two, and the virtual care team of the Japer-sixty-two and a virtual service team from the remote ndnd dndth tm fp. The truly differentiated offer, much needed, is one that is much appreciated, and is very much required for opinion.

About Employer Direct Healthcare and SurgeryPlus.

Employer Direct Healthcare is a market leader in health care services, offering high-quality and cost-effective solutions for self-funded employers and their members. The company's solutions democratize the way its members provide a healthcare that is affordable to all of its citizens. The firm'll offer unbiased services for its customers, and provide access to quality care at affordable prices nationwide. The company's first surgical product, SurgeryPlus, is the market-leading surgical benefit and provides full-service concierge and network services to millions of covered members across hundreds of employers. In 2022, the company will be launching

About Jasper Health

Our team includes industry leaders and world class clinicians who have decades of experience in the field of digital health and consumer. Our knowledge and experience will help us with the complex challenges of managing care. To learn more, visit

Dickon Waterfield 917-544-3058 [email protected] Contact: [Museum] Water Co. 9-17 544-3558.

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