Emilia Clarke's Mystery Marvel Character Is Supposedly Revealed

Emilia Clarke's Mystery Marvel Character Is Supposedly Revealed ...

In Marvel Studios' Secret Invasion, Marvel Studios continues to recruit some of the best actors in the industry to assist in continuing to tell stories in the Multiverse Saga in the future. Emilia Clarke, who was previously nominated for her leading role in Game of Thrones, is included in that mix as she takes on her next major franchise character.

Clarke has already made an impact on her Secret Invasion co-stars, with MCU veteran Samuel L. Jackson gratifying fans for the contribution she made to the set. However, fans are still undecided on who she will play in Phase 5's first Disney+ series.

Fans have seen some videos from the set in London of Clarke, indicating that Cobie Smulders' Maria Hill might follow the newcomer, but there have been no indications whether or not Clarke would bring the former Queen of Dragons to life in the comics. It's a huge possibility.

Emilia Clarke's Role in a Secret Invasion

Emilia Clarke will play a well-known Skrull from Marvel Comics called G'iahin Secret Invasion, which will premiere on Disney+ next spring. This article was first published in late July, around the time Marvel Studios took the stage at San Diego Comic-Con.

Samuel L. Jackson (Nick Fury), Ben Mendelsohn (Talos), Matt Smulders (Maria Hill), Don Cheadle (Colonel James Rhodes), Dermot Mulroney (U.S. President Ritson) are among the actors who have yet to be confirmed.

Clarke isn't seen in her full Skrull appearance in this aset video, which shows some interesting action for the former Game of Thrones headliner. An actor wearing a mo-cap suit is seen knocking her out, which might force her to reveal her true Skrull appearance in the final footage.

Is Clarke's Marvel Character a Good or Bad Character?

Emilia Clarke's version of the character tends toward Nick Fury and Talos as things get more intense during the events on Earth.

Clarke has stated that she intends to be a part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe for many years to come, as well as that she is concerned about accidentally revealing her role due to Marvel's famous spoiler cops. This role certainly appears to be one that Marvel wants to keep under wraps, as G'iah's potential shift could represent a major turning point in the series as she withdraws from the invading Skrulls.

Clarke's role as G'iah will likely take some time to be confirmed, but her role as Skrull adds to the already mysterious MCU crossover event.

In spring 2023, Secret Invasion will launch on Disney+.

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