Jon Hamm Has Joined the Cast of an Acclaimed Streaming Drama

Jon Hamm Has Joined the Cast of an Acclaimed Streaming Drama ...

Jon Hamm is being portrayed in a commercial for Progressive Insurance, which has already received awards for his performance as the bad guy in the smash hit series, Top Gun: Maverick. He also received an Emmy for supporting a character in the AppleTV series, and this month he will begin production on the third season of the show.

The guy who runs AppleTV's marketing department must be promoted. For months, the streaming platform had been running an ad that depicts Jon Hamm being displeased that he has not been cast in any of the streaming platforms that have been released. Well, the commercial has cleared the path for him, as he will be joining Jennifer Aniston, Steve Carell, and Reese Witherspoon on the upcoming season of the popular AppleTV series The Morning Show.

Jon Hamm needs to give his agents or representation a raise. He is currently in commercials for Progressive Insurance, where he meets Flo, the company's spokesperson who does not remember dating him. After he has appeared in The Morning Show Season 3, he has joined another Emmy-nominated program.

Jon Hamm will be brought into The Morning Show as a corporate titan who wants to help the United Arab Emirates and has brought in Cory (Crudup), Alex (Aniston), and Bradley (Witherspoon) into his ranks. Hamm was recently cast in the smash hit film, Top Gun: Maverick, where he played Adm. Beau Cyclone Simpson. He appears to be playing the villain in the AppleTV series as well.

The Morning Show's second season finished on November 18th of 2021. Charlotte Stoudt is expected to direct the third season later this month. The morning show has been nominated for several Emmys, including Lead Actress in a Drama Series with Witherspoon taking the nomination, and Oustanding Supporting Actor in a Drama Series with Janina Gavankar. Greta Lee also has a strong cast that includes Mark Duplass, Nestor Carbonell, Karen Pittman,

The Morning Show Season 3 is set to begin production this month, so it stands to reason that Jon Hamm will not be seen until late 2023. That is the best-case scenario. There have been a lot of delays that are currently halting productions, but we hope to see him join this fantastic cast sooner rather than later.

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