Cosmic Love Will Fill the Love Is Blind Void in Your Soul

Cosmic Love Will Fill the Love Is Blind Void in Your Soul ...

The entire Cosmic Love series is now available on Prime Video, and yall, its the wildest reality TV dating show ride since Shake boasted that he had reservations at Nobu following his leaving at the altar. Allow Cosmic Love to fill the hole in your life.

It's so simple, and its shocking that more reality shows haven't been built around it: it's all astrology, baby! Discover your rising sign and moon tides, embrace your inner element, and let all of that lead you to the love of your life. I know nothing about astrology, nor do I believe in it at all.

Cosmic Love is a complex cocktail as well. After all, we live in a post-Love Is Blind world and if your reality romance program is low concept then viewers will not be interested. No, the show follows four singles each one a representative of Fire, Earth, Water, and Air as they try to find love among 16 other eligible hotties.

The Elements are unable to deduce which four of the 16 matches are theirs until The Astro Chamber.

Yes, the Astro Chamber.

Because dating shows must have a mythology nowadays, the Astro Chamber is a being (and a room) who knows all and sees all, at least astrologically. They know which person is a perfect match for them and why. Sometimes it means that they are already cosying up to one of their matches. It's unpredictable chaos.

Oh, and at the end of all of this, there will be engagements and weddings for the couples. The Astro Chamber is not a messing around.

The show takes a normal premise and blasts it out of this world with supernatural trappings (the Elements discover who their matches are in the Celestial Sanctuary what is this, Guardians of the Galaxy?) and a host of rules that humans are wired to ignore. Take Connor, an Elements character; he is described as indecisive and shy. These are two traits that you don't want in the lead of a dating show; but the good kind of painful that keeps you stuck until the next

The Elements behave like royalty when people start pairing off on their own, and it feels like Caleb is just following his own rules.

We all came to this place wanting to be guided by the stars. Cosmic Loveis a gift.

The whole show has a mixture of thrill and terror, especially if you're a non-believer. For me, the Astro Chamber is just inventing more and more complicated astrological designations to determine why, like, a Leo and a Taurus do match in another case. Youll be screaming at the screen as people decide to stop pursuing a clear romantic attraction based entirely on their sign.

Although I do not believe in astrology, there is one aspect of cosmic matchmaking that I can support. When it comes to Cosmic Love and viewers who enjoy chaotic dating shows, it's a match that was created in the stars.

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