Is Snoop Dogg a Vampire in Netflix's Day Shift? Perhaps!

Is Snoop Dogg a Vampire in Netflix's Day Shift? Perhaps! ...

Warning: Spoilers for the Major Day Shift are ahead. Read at your own risk.

Snoop Dogg should be made a vampire, according to the new Netflix action comedy that kinda, sorta, almost makes Snoop Dogg a vampire, but never quite pulls the trigger. (At least, not explicitly). Instead, audiences are left wondering, is Snoop Dogg a vampire? Commit to vampire Snoop!

Jamie Foxx plays Bud, a vampire hunter who earns his living by killing vampires and selling their fangs for money. So when Bud has to meet his old union pal Big John Elliottaka Snoop Dogg himself, he turns to him to get things paid for.

Snoop Snoop is essentially a weathered Los Angeles cowboy with a broad-brimmed hat, a bushy curved mustache, and a soft leather vest. His introduction into the film comes first, followed by a song that declares him a deer-hunting, beer-guzzling Southern guy. And, of course, he finishes it all off with a blunt.

We dont see much of Snoop after he sweet-talks Bud back into the union. But he does show up again at the end of the film, just in time to save the day with a really big revolver. And as he is battling off vamps side-by-side with Jamie Foxxand kicking quite a lot of asshe gets bitten. Like, right in the neck. The exact place Dracula would bite his victims and everything.

Snoop Dogg makes the sacrifice play. He insists that Jamie Foxx go on without him, while Snoop stays behind to kill himself and the remaining vampires. (It's so Jamie Foxx can go rescue his family. Don't worry about it.) In the final scenes, Snoop Dogg pops out of the sewer like a teenage mutant ninja turtle, lights up a blunt, and says, That's what I love about LA. All the damn vampires!

How did Snoop survive that blast? Is he a vampire after all? Despite the fact that this would have been a great opportunity to focus on his newly formed fangs or something. (And he doesnt have fangs, as far as I can tell) Cmon! The audience would have lost their minds! If you are going to make Snoop a vampire, you must first hit us over the head with those fangs.

Um. It's a wasted opportunity, to be sure. However, I'll happily allow Snoop to sip on gin and blood in Day Shift 2.

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