Where is Faye Yager from Children of the Undergrounds today?

Where is Faye Yager from Children of the Undergrounds today? ...

Children of the Underground is a true crime story with no clear answers. Faye Yager made headlines in the 1980s for establishing an underground network intended to hide and protect children who were sexually molested by one of their parents, usually their fathers. But an organization that began with good intentions eventually became a lot more complicated.

If you're the type of person who likes to get a handbook before you start a long run on a large docuseries, we've got you covered. Here are some basic facts you need to know about Faye Yager and where she is today.

Faye Yager: Who Is She?

Faye Yager's life changed forever in the early 1970s. She accused her husband Roger Lee Jones of abusing their daughter. Yager filed several appeals to regain custody of her daughter, but her attempt was denied. Her daughter was eventually placed in a mental hospital after becoming ill.

Yager created Children of the Underground, an underground network that housed children who had been abused. Parents, mostly mothers, would be housed in her Atlanta mansion, where they were given new names, lives, and identification papers once on the run.

However, the work of the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC) remained controversial. Parents who used it were chastised for making false accusations about child abuse in order to despise their spouses. That was when Yager began making the news rounds. Many claimed that she misrepresented the number of children at risk.

The network also implicated Yager in legal trouble. In the 1990s, Yager was arrested in connection with the network. The children claimed that Yager encouraged them to fabricate abuse stories. The case was later dropped in 1992 because there was no evidence that Yager did anything malicious.

Bipin Shah, a multimillionaire, offered a $2 million reward to anyone who discovered his two young daughters, and he also filed a $100 million lawsuit against Yager. The Shahs daughters were eventually discovered at their mothers home in Switzerland, and the lawsuit against Yager was dismissed.

What Is the Address of Faye Yager Today?

Yager resigned from the movement she founded in 1999. She currently runs an inn in Brevard, N.C., and stays out of the spotlight. Though she does give an interview in FXs Children of the Underground, she does not appear on camera.

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