Season 3 of For All Mankind Was a Disputed Mistake

Season 3 of For All Mankind Was a Disputed Mistake ...

It's disappointing to admit that the Season 3 finale of For All Mankind was simply not successful. Where For All Mankind was built on tensions between the United States and Russia and Tracy (Sarah Jones) and Gordos (Michael Dornan) parallel journeys to recover their own sense of heroism, Season 3 was also messy, forgetting important new developments.

The For All Mankind Season 3 finale was a misfire, but why did it happen? Could it be that For All Mankind Season 3 got in its own way by chasing the dramatic highs of the Season 2 finale?

Apple TV+s For All Mankind takes place in an alternate timeline in which the Soviet Union, rather than the United States, landed first on the moon. This sets off a ripple effect, turning the space race into an aggressive battle that sees Richard Nixon advocate for female astronauts, the establishment of a permanent moon base, and enormous technological advancements. NASA, the USSR, and private company Helios all think they have the necessary equipment to get there first.

The few remaining astronauts from all three missions have teamed up on Marss surface out of sheer necessity. They are desperately trying to find sufficient fuel to send their one remaining working shuttle up to orbit to meet Helioss' ship for the return journey. There are two problems: first, Kelly Baldwin (Cynthy Wu) is expecting and is beginning to show signs of pre-eclampsia, a condition that will harm her and her baby if not addressed within 24 hours. Aleida (Coral Pen

The whole thing that involves Ed (Joel Kinnaman) flying the shuttle and lands blind, without gasoline, most likely to his death, was ridiculous to watch. Certainly, I cant imagine expecting a dying pregnant lady to perform precisely timed movements to make that math work? (Or maybe not!) And then there's the fact that Ed survives the landing?

The whole Kelly situation felt like the writers' room attempted to outwit Tracy and Gordo's heroism in a suicide mission on the moon's surface. It also worked because both survived their heroic failures. It also worked because it provided a happy ending to the separated couples' first and second season seasons.

Tracy and Gordos' younger son Jimmy (David Chandler) has fallen in with an extremist group that is plotting to destroy NASA. Karen rescues Jimmy, but not NASA. A bomb goes off, killing Molly Cobb (Sonya Walger) in the blast.

The characters who perished in the midst of the ongoing danger felt a bit off. In the case of Molly, she had just assumed her original role as NASA's wife and mother, protecting the descendants of the heroes who conquered space.

Then there's my biggest complaint about the For All Mankind Season 3 finale, which isn't a rant about how Danny Stevens (Casey W. Johnson) is the worst. (Though he is.) We see a moving montage showing this mans horrific journey before he collides with our heroes. Danielle Poole (Krys Marshall) and Grigory Kuznetsov (Lev Gorn) gain the upper hand and send him back to his base

The North Korean twist was a very well thought out maneuver. Its class For All Mankind stuff. But what was not as cleverly done is how this guy is just totally forgotten about once everyone is back at base and Kelly is rocketed into the great black unknown.

For All Mankind is one of the finest science fiction series of the last decade, but this finale was utterly flat. It was sloppy, frustrating, and, at times, ridiculous. Nonetheless, I will be rooting for this show to come back to life when For All Mankind Season 4 comes around. I care about this show too much now.

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