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Zoglo's Incredible Food Corp Adds Consumer Packaged Goods Executive Bill Ivany To Board of Directors

Zoglo's Incredible Food Corp Adds Consumer Packaged Goods Executive Bill Ivany To Board of Directors

TORONTO, Sept. 14, 2021 /PRNewswire/ - NBC News, tuesday, Oct. Zoglo's Incredible Food Corp. . (CSE: ZOG) (" Zoglo's is Zoloo''. ' or the "Company" is a "companie". Bill Ivany announced the addition of Billivani to Zoglo's Board of Directors in September 13 2021.

Bill Ivany is a seasoned Food Industry executive with experience leading and overseeing sales, operations and supply chain departments of international consumer packaged goods organizations and brands. Mr. Ivany has been managing numerous leadership roles with companies like companies such as the company's. Melita Canada, Canada. ,. Food brokers at Marsham International Food Brokers are international food brokers. Kehe subsidiary and their subsidiaries, respectively. Tree of Life Canada is a tree of life that lives on the planet. , over 35 years of career.

"To serve on Zoglo's board and become a leading plant-based food brand is honoured." Bill Ivany commented that I'm looking forward to working together with the board members and company executives to ensure the long-term success of this innovative business.

"We welcome Bill to our board and I'm glad to introduce him to Zoglo's treasure trove of industry talent" said CEO, Anthony Morello. "He has built a illustrious career in consumer goods and his experience will accelerate our growth."


Zoglo's Incredible Food Corp. is a publicly traded plant-based food company that offers nutrient-rich, plant based appetizers, vegetables and meat substitutes to satisfy consumers' needs and cooking requirements. Zoglo's Incredible Food Inc., the company''lly-owned subsidiary of the Company currently offers 14 products through its Traditional Green Box product line and is aiming to offer 12 innovative products for the mainstream market through the new Zog Zoglo's products have been sold in over 700 retail stores across Canada, including Walmart, Shoppers Drug Mart, Sobeys and Loblaws, and has a representation in the United States and Europe. The company trades under the ticker ZOG on the Canadian Securities Exchange.

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