Reese Witherspoon grew hooked on Never Have I Ever After the Deacons of Sons

Reese Witherspoon grew hooked on Never Have I Ever After the Deacons of Sons ...

Reese Witherspoon has always been a generous mother, so it's no surprise that she made sure to catch her son Deacon Phillippes' acting debut in Never Have I Ever Season 3, on Friday, August 12. She logged in to a marathon viewing session the day the new episodes were released, and she even shared her experience with followers.

Witherspoon appears to be dealing with a lot more anxiety than most parents realize. Instead, she focused on how much she has been enjoying the Mindy Kaling program as a whole.

Im bingeing Never Have I Ever it's so good! She told the camera in the first of three Instagram stories where she can be seen watching it on a cellphone. It's hilarious.

Witherspoon praised Parkers classmate Des in another tale. She gasped in shock, indicating that the two characters were fully making out. She then said, "I got to go to the next episode"

Witherspoons respect for the program and for Des was particularly poignant for some of the cast. SPEECHLESS, Pisharody wrote, quoting the story in which the lauded actor calls him so cute. Except, he wasnt speechless. Not an American ICON noticing me in any way freaking out, he added.

Phillippe shared his own story on Aug. 13 about his Never Have I Ever role. The 18-year-old wrote over a screenshot showing a new episode from Season 3 on Netflix. Catch me in episodes 7 and 8, he added.

Reese had told me that he wanted to sing... and I only had this role that seemed really good for him, Kaling told Entertainment Tonight just days before Season 3 premiered. He's a youngster who has been raised by two very successful actors and wants to grow. I just love that energy.

Phillippe doesnt limit his acting knowledge to just writing. Earlier in August, he announced a little project on Instagram. It turned out to be his first mixtape, Justakid, which he released on Soundcloud on August 5, explaining in an IG post that he'd made it with his best pals. He's so proud of You!

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