Taylor Swifts Are All Too Good With Twitter's Oscar Run

Taylor Swifts Are All Too Good With Twitter's Oscar Run ...

The Swifties stepped out in force to honor the news. While one fan was crying, another appreciated the added serotonin boost they received from the mere prospect of Swift adding an Oscar-winning film to her resume.

Several users just thought All Too Well was an Oscar-worthy short film because of its crazed acceptance. Instead, they couldnt make sense of the outcry over the project being simply nominated for a nomination, as one person put it.

Despite the fact that many are certain that All Too Well will be nominated, the short will win the category as well. And, yes, they know that Film Twitter will likely revolt as a result.

Swift re-released a 10-minute version of the song she had been known to have written about her 2011 split with Jake Gyllenhaal as one of the nine From the Vault songs on Red (Taylors Version)? Some poetic justice against Gyllenhaal, who was once Oscar-nominated for Brokeback Mountain in 2006, but did not win the golden statue that year.

Wahrend short film enthusiasts ecstatic that people are suddenly paying attention to the category, passionate Swifties are gearing up to campaign hard for the nom from now until the Oscars next year.

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