The Cardi Bs Shiny Hair Hack Only Requires One Item You Most likely Have

The Cardi Bs Shiny Hair Hack Only Requires One Item You Most likely Have ...

Cardi B has done pretty much everything when it comes to her hair wigs, bold colors, and diamonds. That doesnt mean shes extra often, though. With DIY hair hacks that are quite simple to recreate at home, the Up rapper often goes back to basics.

A video revealing Cardis' technique for sleek, shiny locks appeared in an Instagram post on Aug. 12. The rapper captioned the video by boiling onions and washing her hair with water.

Cardi started her caption after boiling onions and using the water to wash my hair my last two washes. I used to do this 6 years ago when I started my healthy hair growth journey.

Cardi explained that onions aren't a problem because they aren't odorless. She then asked the client to try it out and see what she got out of it, not just with her video but with the results she said she got out. I notice that it's been brightening my hair.

Cardis followers loved her glossy hair. Yasssssss! It's Aaliyah's signature style, according to one person. Multiple others commented on the look, which they've been raving about for years. We've just learned from it.

In a 2018 study published in the Journal of Drug Delivery and Therapeutics, Cardi vouches for the hair benefits of onions. Research has been done to assess whether or not the vegetable can improve hair growth, and it turns out it can.

Even the rapper would probably agree that an onion hair wash would be too much effort to do on the regular. Cardi admitted that the reason she stopped doing it previously was because she became a bit lazy. At least one fan suggested that the WAP singer make an already-natural hair product.

Cardi Bs' entrance into the beauty industry has been long anticipated. In April 2021, she trademarked Bardi Beauty, putting fans at ease with the notion that she might develop and market fragrances, cosmetics, nail care, and, of course, hair care. In the meantime, here's her onion hair wash and the DIY hair mask she shared on Instagram on June 2020.

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