Marcus Mumford's Cannibal's True Meaning Is Really Dark

Marcus Mumford's Cannibal's True Meaning Is Really Dark ...

This article makes reference to child sexual abuse.

Marcus Mumford, best known as the lead singer of Mumford & Sons, has spoken out publicly for the first time about his horrific experience of child abuse. The memories of his past were directly woven into the deeply moving opener Cannibal from his upcoming debut solo album, (Self-Titled), due on September 16.

Mumford told GQ that she was sexually molested as a child, and that I am learning more and more about this as we go and as I play it to people. This is not the case for most people, since I was never told anything about it for 30 years.

The parents of Mumford & Sons singers moved into the building next to him and shared a wall with his recording studio. After playing her the powerful opening lines for the first time, he and his mum talked about the track: "I can still taste you and I hate it."

Mumford recalled. She was like, Yeah, what are you talking about? Of all things, it's objectively f*cking hilarious to tell your mum about your abuse in a f*cking song, and the artist claims he knew immediately that Cannibal would be the opening track.

Mumford explains that after the release of his fourth album, Delta, he began addressing his trauma and talking about his experiences for the first time, which caused him to be physically sick. It's quite normal for stuff to come out. Not asthma, but just, like, breathing.

According to him, that was the first of a series of really unusual, unhealthy sexual experiences at an early age. [It was a] series of really unhealthy behaviors when I was under the age of 12, which set my brain up in a way to deal with things later on in life in an imbalanced way. And so the last three years have just been trying to look at that.

Mumford said in a separate interview with The Times that it certainly builds up a pattern of regret in your life. Of listeners who will hear Cannibal and applaud him for speaking out, he said: I look at it like it's the truth.

In the process, sharing his experiences has lifted a lot of weight. He said, reflecting on the progress he has made.

The National Support Council (NSPCC) provides assistance, advice, and resources to anyone affected by child abuse.

Read the lyrics in their entirety here:

I can still taste you, and I loathe it.

And you knew it. That wasn't a choice in a child's mind.

You took my first bite and you ate it raw.

Like a cannibal, you rubbed it in with your teeth and your lips.

You are a s*cking animal.

I can still smell you, and it tantalises me.

That there is still something about it that thrills me about.

That my own body keeps betraying me

There is such a power there, that it may me down.

However, it compels me to act.

Ich deny it, naturally.

I can't help but believe it.

It is unanswered or drew my attention.

'Cause I know I can't understand it,' says the author.

However, when I began to write, it became the most difficult thing I ever said out loud.

My throat was locked up by these words.

I ate, man.

And this is what it is like to be free.

Even if it follows back down, it continues to rise.

With me, stares into the dark.

Even then, I refuse to admit it.

I'm unable to believe how much it has changed.

It is either dismissed or depreciated.

Nevertheless, I understand that I must speak it.

If I could forgive you now, please do so.

I know how to release you from all of the guilt I know how.

If I could forgive you now, I would.

As if saying the words would help me understand how to respond.

To start again.

Please assist me in figuring out how to begin.

Please assist me in determining how to proceed.

To begin over with

Please assist me in understanding how to proceed.

To begin over again

Restart your journey.

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