The 7 Best Wedding Hand Fans

The 7 Best Wedding Hand Fans ...

The best hand fans for weddings can help you cool down while also enhancing the nuptials vibes! For many weddings, price can be a consideration, especially if you need a lot of them.

Wedding Hand Fans: What Are They?

Folding fans and paddle fans are two main styles that are used by hand fans. These fold down to a compact size when needed, and then open up into a variety of shapes (like circles or hearts).

paddle fans are fixed to a handle for added stability. They are also available in many different sizes, including rectangular. Because of their flat shape, paddle fans are easier to carry.

If you don't want to have to do the work of fanning yourself, you can also consider a battery-operated fan. Personal fans will not be the most economical option when it comes to wedding guests, but mini fans can certainly be beneficial in keeping you cool. (Ive included one mini fan on this list, the other are more budget-friendly folding and paddle fans.)

Other Things to Pay Attention

Consider these factors when selecting folding or paddle fans:

The Best Wedding Hand Fans

Are you in a hurry? Here are the top picks for wedding hand fans:

These hand fans make sure that wedding guests stay warm and comfortable. They are equally as functional and beautiful.

1.A Great Price For A Bulk Set Of Folding Fans

  • Each fan costs less than 50 cents
  • Fold down to a compact size
  • Not as durable as other options

This set from KONIBN includes 72 hand fans, which are worthless considering for your special day. The lightweight paper fans may be engraved onto or painted if desired, since they have folds.

These Bestage fans are quite similar, although they aren't from the same manufacturer, although they're heart-shaped.

One reviewer commented: These were a life saver for my daughters June wedding in OK, as it was extremely hot and our guests were blown away by how they received them. Some were damaged after a short period of use, but most lasted long enough.

Style: Folding hand fan | Fan material: Paper | Handle material: Plastic | Number of fans per set: 72 | Approximate price per fan: $0.42

2.A Personalized Paddle Fan Kit You Can DIY At Home

  • Can be customized to suit your decor and needs
  • Comes with all the elements needed to build the fans
  • Takes time to print and assemble the hand fans

This DIY kit allows you to create completely personalized wedding hand fans with ease and for less than $1.00 per fan, considering the possibility of having them professionally created. Alternatively, you may handwrite directly on them or glue on any additional embellishments.

One reviewer commented: I ordered these last minute for my sons wedding when we discovered that it would be 95 degrees and the wedding was in an open air chapel. They were very easy to print and assemble and looked amazing! We highly recommend them!

Style: Paddle hand fan | Fan material: Paper | Handle material: Wood | Number of fans per set: 24 | Approximate price per fan: $0.79

3.A Mini Battery-Operated Fan For Weddings

  • Battery-operated and rechargeable
  • Features two speeds to keep you cool
  • Has more than 10,000 reviews
  • Much more expensive each than the above hand fan options

This mini fan is great for those who want hot weather on their wedding day. It has both low and high speed options, and it comes in five different colors. The battery can last up to 3.5 hours, and there is a USB cable included.

One reviewer said that this app was invaluable for us and our groomsmen and bridesmaids when they took outdoor photos in 80 degree weather!

Style: Mini fan powered by batteries | Fan and handle material: Plastic

4.A Set Of Sandalwood-Material-Floating Hand Fans

  • Made from durable sandalwood
  • Have an intricate yet neutral design
  • Some color variation between fans, due to the natural wood

These beautiful hand fans, made entirely from sturdy sandalwood, will be a special present for your guests, yet at a relatively low price. The wooden fans have elegant cutouts for added visual interest, as well as a sunflower-shaped design, should complement your wedding theme.

One reviewer commented that these were excellent party favors for our wedding. Our wedding was in June, so there was a good chance it would be hot out (it was) and so we sat one of these on each chair in the ceremony area. Everyone loved them. They are very nicely constructed and have a nice design.

Style: Sandalwood hand fan | Fan material: Sandalwood | Handle material: Sandalwood | Number of fans per set: 50 | Approximate price per fan: $0.66

5.An Elegant Lace Hand Fan Set For Weddings

  • Features elegant lace
  • Come with matching gift bags
  • Plastic handles

These hand fans make an elegant companion to white fans, who have a flamboyant lace design with gold accents that are so pretty. You may purchase large quantities if you need them. Also included are 30 individual gift bags.

One reviewer wrote: My wedding was scheduled to take place on the beach in south Florida, but of course it rained right before, so nobody wanted to do anything, and my venue placed us under a pavilion. The humid heat just lingered, and I was so ecstatic that I purchased these. Everyone was saying they were fantastic.

Style: Hand fan with a folding hand | Fan material: Fabric with lace | Handle material: Plastic | Number of fans per set: 30 | Approximate price per fan: $1.33

6.A Set Of Handmade Raffia Paddle Fans

  • Woven by hand
  • High-quality fans, according to reviewers
  • Size of each fan varies slightly since theyre handmade

These hand fans are ideal for a beachy or tropical wedding or if you just want to add a more natural-feeling element to your nuptials. They are tightly woven into circular, leaf-like shapes. Due to their handmade nature, there will be some variation across the fans.

One reviewer said: Excellent product! My fiance and I are using these at our summer wedding! The fans vary in size but we love that they are genuine hand-made fans!

Style: Paddle hand fan | Fan material: Raffia | Handle material: Raffia | Number of fans per set: 12 | Approximate price per fan: $2.50

For Weddings, A Patterned Folding Hand Fan

  • Comes in eight vibrant prints, including a variety of florals
  • Features dependable cotton fabric and bamboo
  • Pricey per unit
  • Not the best option for bulk purchases

After 1,400-plus reviews on Amazon, this fabric hand fan would be absolutely stunning in all of your wedding pictures. I mean the patterns are just so fun!

One reviewer commented on the fact that this fan saved my 23-week pregnant self during a 94-degree day and night. [...] My husband commented on how he could feel it sitting next to me. Another thing is how easily it folds back when you need to remove it.

Style: Handle fan | Cotton fabric | Bamboo handle | One fan per set | Approximate price per fan: $9.00

8.A Pack Of Silk-Filled Folding Fans

  • Add a pop of color to your wedding
  • Feature a luxe silk fabric
  • You cant choose the specific colors that you get

These silk hand fans with bamboo handles come in 18 different colors, from green to black, orange to purple, and everything in between! If these vibrant fans would not be suitable for your nuptials, the brand also offers alternatives in neutral shades such as cream, white, or black.

One reviewer said: Excellent value for a bright and colorful addition to a party. I bought these for a wedding on a hot day and they were a hit.

Style: Handle fan: Silk | Handle material: Bamboo | 18 fans per set | Approximate price per fan: $1.17

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