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ATMOFIZER partners with HealthCorps

ATMOFIZER partners with HealthCorps

The Better Tomorrow Project provided HealthCorps annual benefit on September 13, 2021 in New York City. The Pro Units, and the ATMOFIZER ONE units will also be donated to schools across the country where HealthCorps operates its program.

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HealthCorps is an 501c3 organization founded by Dr. Mehmet Oz and Lisa Oz that aims to educate and empower youth in at-risk communities by empowering them. The organization will benefit from its annual benefit on The annual HealthCorps conference will follow the CDC, New York Department of Health and Covid 19 protocols.

"Introducing the Atmofizer air purification technology into the US is another step in demonstrating the Better Tomorrow Project's commitment to creating a safer environment for people to return to school, to work and to normal life. We believe our technology is one of the most significant breakthroughs in air purification in the last forty years. Using better air quality and reducing the energy needed to breathe, we believe we can achieve the greatest breakthrough in technology in this area

What's important to work with HealthCorps is that it'll be great to be part of this effort with them.

We thank the Better Tomorrow Project and their generous donation to our schools and our event.

The ATMOFIZER brand was built in 2020 after 16 years of research and development efforts on clean-tech and a simple, yet crucial mission: to help the world breathe safely again. Ultrafine particle exposure is a global threat to human health. The spread of viruses, industrial chemicals, bacteria, airborne pathogens, pollutants, and allergens of all kinds occurs in the air regularly. ATMOFIZER is the first and only, highly effective, filter-free, air-purification clean-tech developed to eliminate ultrafine particles and kill small viruses with proven efficiency of 99.9%. It supports facilities to operate safely


The Better Tomorrow Project LLC is a revolutionary clean-tech company that researches, develops and distributes proprietary and patented anti-viral products under the brand ATMOFIZER. The products are made in the USA with world-wide patents developed by world renowned German scientists. Their clean tech is disruptive in nature and solves real-world problems.

The Better Tomorrow Project and ATMOFIZER are more than a company. They are about doing good, creating better tomorrow. The Better Tomorrow Project is a company focused and driven to protect the planet and improve the lives of the in need. Through their corporate responsibility division, they believe that it is fundamental responsibility to help the communities where we live, work and play are


HealthCorps (, a national 501c3, has addressed the health of at-risk communities by educating and empowering teens encouraging them to become change agents within their family, their

Believing that limited access to health education can lead to life of physical, social and emotional challenges. HealthCorps strives to strengthen youth with innovative approaches to health and wellness, providing them with the tools to become more physically and mentally resilient through education, leadership experience and service learning.

HealthCorps is operating in schools and organizations in AZ, CA, TX, NY OK, PA, and Tx, extending to NJ and FL in the upcoming school year.

Youth change makers and healthier communities are the latest health education program of HealthCorps. USANA is supporting the organization's organization in the United States. The health tips for teens are available from HealthCorps, the @teensmakehealthhappen Instagram and the TikTok channels.

Atmofizer: Lauren Malis 917-609-8017 [email protected] [Resultats: 919-6296] (

Karen Johnson 703-362-7572, HealthCorps: Karen Robinson 703, 362-372.

SOURCE asmofizer SURCE.

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