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By sharing simple steps toward a more Earth-Friendly way of Eating, the "Healthy Planet," shares Simple Steps toward healthier eating

By sharing simple steps toward a more Earth-Friendly way of Eating, the

DENVER, Sept. 14, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- In her new book, she's a new writer. You live on a healthy planet, eat on your own. , '. Ximena Yez Soto hopes that governments and environmentalists can solve the planet's deteriorating condition. She writes that "We can't wait for others to change the destiny of our planet." It is time to listen to the warnings about the future we leave for our children, to take them seriously and do everything we can to reverse the deterioration.

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When Yez Soto is whose first name is He-men-a, he says the same way that every person is impacting on what they eat, and that the small incremental steps that readers take will make "The good news is that there is something we can do if we work together, a massive army of millions who all make varying changes at the same time." With enough knowledge, you can start to make these small changes in your daily life, and if they are replicated, they'll have an exponential effect, like ripples in the water."

Yez Soto spent more than 20 years as a head of an environmental fund in Mexico before having an epiphany that led her to dedicate the next ten years to the study of nutrition. Good health, good health. In 2011, it was published in Spanish and contains 16 original plant-based recipes from internationally acclaimed chef Natalie Delgado.

Yez Soto is able to discuss: In a talk, he asks: What's the truth?

  • As you save the planet, you can make it to be better, to get better.
  • You should know facts about the animal protein facts you should need to know about.
  • Why we continue repeating self-destructive patterns?
  • We were told about nutritional myths we learned in children's school.
  • How the food industry keeps us addicted to their products.
  • The dream that changed her outlook changed him.

Praise for your hospitality. Healthy Planet, Healthy You, Planet Earth.

"Healthy Planets, Healthy You are a gift for each of us, if we are all treated to pity and respect in this world that give us home and sustenance." Ximena's simple, friendly and smart narrative is unhelpful; we're all in a hand to contribute to a paradigm change in our eating habits and well-being'. Lorenzo J. de Rosenzweig P., founder and CEO of Terra Habitus, A.C. and founder, and former CEO, Fondo Mexicano para la Conservacin de la Naturaleza, a.

"The mother who stepped out of her comfort zone heard the voice of a mother that studied the issue, conducted research and began establishing chemistry and re-thinking her diet and lifestyle, which she shared generously Marco Aurelio Macas, M.D., former president of the Latin American Society of Natural Medicine, and former President of Latin America's Natural Society, is Ms.

"A work full of courage, honesty and research that opens our eyes to know the real implications of our current diet and its relationship with the health of the planet. Ximena invites us as consumers to question, investigate, and learn new paradigms and take care of our two homes: our body and planet Earth. We must read an exceptional writing that we must all read." .... - a solitary writing. Marili Leopold Sordo, M.D., Dr. Weil Center for Integrative Medicine, Collaborative Health, and the Center For Integral Medicine.

About the author

Ximena Yez Soto is the founder of the Center for Human Rights, a major environmental fund that uses its resources in the effort of preserving Mexico's natural resources for more than 20 years. She is a certified international health coach by the International Association for Health Coaches. By conscious eating, she founded Believe.Transform.Be to help people in difficult situations to achieve a healthy lifestyle and harmony with the planet.

Ximena Yanez Soto, 720, 277-8617; [email protected];


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