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The new Apprenticeship closes with $25M Seed Funding to Solve Entry Level Tech and Diversity Hiring Gaps Backed by ECMC Group and Others

The new Apprenticeship closes with $25M Seed Funding to Solve Entry Level Tech and Diversity Hiring Gaps Backed by ECMC Group and Others

SAN ANTONIO, Sept. 14, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- The New York Times is presenting its first newsroom. New Apprenticeship is an apprentice. New Delhi announced the close of a $5 million seed funding round. The federally recognized digital apprenticeship solution is bridging tech skills and opportunities gap. The finance was financed by a government agency. Equality Impact Fund, funded by ECMC Group. The Dell Foundation, the Michelson 20MM Foundation and Learnstart, among others. This funding will allow the company to build its management team and make significant investments in sales and technology to effectively scale and serve the growing number of tech employers and their surrounding communities.

"We believe apprenticeships enable employers to become digital talent production engines." The forward-thinking companies partner with us to build sustainable talent pipelines that fuel their short- and long-term talent needs. Modern degree apprenticeships are the greatest breakthrough in workforce innovation because they provide accessible pathways for students to pursue high-value careers without requiring access to costly 4-year universities.

NEW partners with leading employers to fundamentally change the way that technology talent is recruited and developed. The company was founded to support diverse communities of students, veterans and underemployed with an innovative "earn and line" pathway that combines on-the-job experience with expert training. A NEW apprenticeship leads to a Department of Labor Apprenticeship Certification. Up to 30 hours of credit to bachelor's degree from accredited partner colleges. NEW offers learners an on-ramp to tech careers where they previously didn't exist. And employers can direct access to a broad and rich, tech talent-ready pipeline with substantial ROI savings, both in hiring and retention.

NEW's 8-week pre-apprenticeship program lays the foundation for the preparation and preparation of candidates for their first day of employment. Once employed, candidates begin their 12-month registration apprenticeship through NEW's proven experience-based learning and customized model that features industry-recognized credentialing. The company and apprentices gain unprecedented access to no-cost pre-employment, live-training and an external community of experts who apply real-time best practices to their workplaces.

"ECMC Group's mission is to empower underserved learners to achieve their academic and professional goals," said Joe Watt, senior director, Corporate Development and Impact Investing for ECMV Group. Our education fund is focused on investing in emerging companies that offer innovative training programs and solutions that result in great ROI for learners and workers. New Apprenticeship's "earn and learn model" does just that by offering high-quality, employer-validated training and onramps to high growth careers in technology".

As soon as the closing, the company named Kris Knopf as its chief revenue officer. Kris is a highly experienced sales and marketing leader in the field of business and has extensive experience in technology, healthcare and financial services. Kris has built a team prepared to develop customized offerings for companies seeking integrated solutions to support significant hiring of (digital marketing, data, cyber, cloud, and IT) tech and digital talent at scale.

New Apprenticeship has extensive partnerships helping companies, channel partners and apprentices explore new paths to better diversify, promote equity and inclusion, and integrate fully scalable apprenticeships for the future workforce.

About new apprenticeships?

The company founded in 2016 in San Antonio, TX in 2016. New Apprenticeships are new skills. Through the education gap, employers can transform lives in a way that teaches only the knowledge that can bring. We provide experienced learning and performance coaching systems that enable workforce talent to become a leader in technology. For more information, visit: otta. has new apprented .

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