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MetricStream launches ESG Solution on the basis of industry leading GRC Platform

MetricStream launches ESG Solution on the basis of industry leading GRC Platform

MetricStream announced its robust environmental, social, governance product, which is built on its proven MetriStream Platform and powering what is next in GRC. MetricStream ESGRC, the new software product allows organizations to minimize environmental impact, demonstrate a commitment to social imperatives and implement strong governance policies.

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Organizations are increasingly being held accountable for corporate practices regarding climate sustainability, social responsibility and governance. ESG risk factors are emerging as financial risks that have significant impact on a company's bottom line and valuation. In fact, investors and asset managers are shifting their investment appetite toward companies with good ESG management programs.

Good governance boosts trust, transparency, and longevity. To foster that trust and protect your organization, you need a clear vision to an ESG measure, said Bruce Dahlgren, Chief Executive Office of MetricStream. We believe purpose drives performance. We're stepping up to the plate to make ESG a reality. Providing C-level data to foster responsible growth and trust with all stakeholders.

The comprehensive MetricStream ESGRC solution smarts the key challenges in modern EGS and GRC spaces and provides a single solution for enterprises. The solution provides an integrated platform for businesses to track emerging and changing regulations, along with complex regulatory standards. As part of the solution, customers can manage disclosure requirements, conduct self-assessments, identify issues, and maintain action plans.

Some key key MetricStream ESGRC Solution features include::

Frameworks and Disclosure Management Management, Framework and Governance Management.

  • Manage (disclosure) of various ESG frameworks (including individual requirements) in order to obtain information and to collect information.
  • Map the map to various business units and locations.
  • Write standard-formatted reports.

Metrics Management is a method of measurement management.

  • Simplify and aggregate metrics that are required for disclosure.
  • A wide range of metrics across environmental and social disciplines vary from environmental to social.


  • You can define an assessment questionnaire.
  • Share the questionnaire to gather responses.
  • Aggregated survey responses.

Supplier Management

  • Supplier profile management.
  • Supplier Assessment and portal.
  • Respond to ESG assessments.

Risk Assessment Assessment

  • Centralized libraries of risk management are centralized to the centralised library of information.
  • Identify, evaluate and mitigate the risks.

Issue and remediation are in the right.

  • Identify issues and maintain action plans and develop policy plans.

Input In Content Management (ML) allows for integration of content.

  • Integrate multiple third parties with all of the multi-party systems.

Visit ESGRC to learn more about the MetricStream E-GRC solution and its offerings.

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About MetricStream, Inc. MetricStream is the global market leader in Integrated Risk Management and GRC solutions that empower organizations to thrive on risk by accelerating their growth through risk-aware decisions. We connect governance, risk management and compliance across the large enterprise to enable resilience and digital transformation. MetricStream is headquartered in San Jose, California, with an operations and R&D center in Bangalore, India, and sales and operations support around the globe. More information is available at, LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.

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