Meet the Cosmic Love Contestants and See How Their Zodiac Signs Affect Their Love Lives

Meet the Cosmic Love Contestants and See How Their Zodiac Signs Affect Their Love Lives ...

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Is love written in the stars for the Cosmic Love contestants? That's what Amazon Prime Videos' new show, which has been dubbed The Bachelor meets astrology, is attempting to discover.

Cosmic Love is a new reality TV dating program developed by Amazon Prime Videos that matches participants based on their zodiac signs. The series starts with four main contestantsalso known as Elementswho represent the four elements in astrology: fire, earth, air, and water. Each elementtwo men and two women are matched with four singles from a pool of 16 contestants who are determined to be a perfect match for them.

The issue is that the contestants do not know who their astrological match is and who isnt. Throughout the show, the elements receive guidance from the Astro Chamber, an astrological expert who examines their sun, moon, rising and mercury signs in order to determine which contestants are the best matches for them. (For more information on Cosmic Love, visit the Astro Twins website).

Read on to learn more about the Cosmic Love elements and singles, and to see Amazon Prime Videos' official descriptions.

Capricorn Maria Rodriguez

28 years old

Job: Makeup artist

Maria Rodriguez, a hardworking Capricorn, is the Earth Element on Cosmic Love. Maria is a professional makeup artist who owns her own business, M Beauty Party, which she founded in 2013.

Connor Shennan Gemini

Age: 27

Firefighter in Wildland Job

Connor Shennan, 27, is a wildland firefighter who loves music, sports, and the great outdoors.

Phoebe Davis Leo is a British actress.

Age: 28

Job: Entrepreneur

Phoebe Davis, a double Leo entrepreneur, model, and fitness competitor, is the consummate cosmic Lioness who has scared off more than a few players. Now, as the Fire Element on Cosmic Love, she is ready to find her mane man to take the next throne. Flex Phoebs is a marketing company and personal brand that encourages women around the globe to embrace their bodies, overcome obstacles, and embrace personal development.

Noel Allen Pisces

31 years old.

Personal trainer job:

Noel Allen, 31, is a personal trainer and nutrition coach chosen to be the Water Element of Cosmic Love. He loves cooking, anime, working out, and supporting his clients as they change their bodies and lives. One of the many paradoxes of Pisces men is that they drive women crazy and fall in love.

Christopher Jones Sagittarius

29 years old

Job: Law student

Christopher Jones is a 29-year-old Sagittarius who was born and raised in Baltimore. He is currently pursuing law degree at the University of Pennsylvania. His current interests include corporate law, fitness, and yoga.

Yana Orlova Aquarius

29 years old

Dancer: Job

Yana, 29, hails from Ukraine and lives in New York City, where she has a flourishing career in the nightlife industry. Her parents were professional athletes and are passionate about art and poetry.

Theresa Vongkhamchanh Scorpio

Age: 30

Job: Social media director

Theresa is a Scorpio who loves pop culture, personal development, and all things astrology. When she isnt working for her clients, she loves traveling, Pilates, and spending time with her family.

Capricorn of Phillip Newhard

29 years old

Job: Real estate investor

Phillip Newhard, 29, is a New York City native and real estate investor who lives between New York City and Cape Cod. This family oriented Capricorn loves nature, fishing, hiking, boating, kayaking, and all water sports.

Morgan Raphael Virgo

29 years old

Job: Business owner

Morgan, 29, is a self-described hopeless romantic who loves astrology, interior design, and a fantastic skincare regimen.

Gemini: Jazmin Potts

Age: 27

Job: Makeup artist/hairstylist

Jazmin Potts, 27, of New York, is a free-spirited gemini who lives in Orlando, where she works as a talented stylist for her company Native Beauty, which specializes in natural hair and makeup. Hobbies include everything from roller-skating through nature trails to looking for the best sushi restaurant and laughing out her own bad jokes.'

Capricorn of Javier McIntosh

Age: 33

Job: Film director

Javier McIntosh is a 33-year-old film director living in Atlanta. He owns McIntosh Bros Productions, and loves to direct and produce commercials, music videos, and feature films. He is hoping to put these qualities to use in his real life, and with the help of the stars, find his true love.

Cancer of Jasmine Rudulfo

Age: 24

Job: Social media marketer

Jasmine Rodulfo, a 24-year-old social media marketer who wears her Cancerian heart on her sleeves, was raised in the Bronx and is now living in Dallas. Her Caribbean roots are well-known. She taught and competed in the pageant industry for ten years.

Pisces of Christopher J. Essex

Age: 26

Country singer's job

Christopher J. Essex, a 26-year-old Pisces living in Nashville, is a prolific recording artist and performer. He is also an instructor for line dancing and country two-step.

Chris Ragusa Leo

Age: 27

Engineer: Job

Chris Goose Ragusa, a 27-year-old Connecticut engineer who currently lives in Florida, enjoys working out and watching sports, and spending time with friends. He has been declared the embodiment of the party in his close circle.

Aquarius, according to David Christopher

34 years old

Job: CEO of a TV network

David Christopher, a 34-year-old Aquarius from Los Angeles, is the CEO of his own streaming television network. He is also a professional musician and fitness coach, and trains in MMA.

Darren hopes Scorpio will be his next sport.

26 years old.

Job: Real estate agent

Darren is a 26-year-old Houston realtor who embodies the mystery and charm of his Scorpio star sign. When he is not working, you can find him taking long walks to his mother's kitchen, hanging with his homies, or exploring new eateries in the city.

Danae DeSpain Leo

32 years old.

Job: Social media marketer

Danae DeSpain, an astrologer who grew up in beautiful Bend, Oregon, now lives out of her suitcase as she travels the world. Danae previously worked in social marketing and real estate. She is currently working on a cosmic-inspired lifestyle brand.

Pisces, Caleb McDonnell

Age: 28

Job: Real estate agent

Caleb McDonnell, 28, was raised in Ireland (cue the adorable accent!) and moved to the United States at the age of 21, eventually settling in Delray Beach, Florida. His hobbies and interests include rugby, cooking, and boating.

Ana Miranda Pisces

29 years old

Waitress jobs are filled.

Ana Miranda, 29, is a San Diego bottle service waitress and a hopeless romantic who loves to exercise. She embodies her zodiac signs in kind, sincere and supportive traits.

Adrianna Raphaela Sagittarius is a Greek goddess of fertility.

Age: 25

Job: Molecular biologist

Adrianna Raphaela, 25, is a molecular biologist, model, and actress from Boca Raton, Florida. Tres Angeles Swim is a unisex swimwear company that offers swimming, and Adrianna can often be seen dancing, or laughing.

Cosmic Love is available for free streaming on Prime Video. Here's how to get it for free.

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