Cancun Things To Do: Where To Stay, Shop, and Shoot The Best Content Of Your Trip

Cancun Things To Do: Where To Stay, Shop, and Shoot The Best Content Of Your Trip ...

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For some travelers, the experience of discovering a new place is about disconnecting from the rest of the world. This isnt the series for you: we are providing cool, first-person opinions on where to stay, shop, and dine in a new place while capturing content worthy of being On The Grid.

There is one travel destination that has declared a permanent paradise, regardless of what season it is, whether it's summer wine pairings in the Hamptons, pumpkin-spiced lattes in the fall, warm winter days, or flirty spring picnics in the mountains. And if youre looking for a low-cost, fun, and peaceful getaway, look no further than Cancun. There are a slew of activities to do in Cancun that will make you forget what you do for a

Mexico is a culturally-rich country, with a few days off from reality. From the famous downtown flea market Mercado 28 to the open-air shopping mall La Isla, you'll find something for everyone.

The following is your complete guide to Cancun's attractions, places, and places to stay. The only thing left to do is get your Away suitcase and sunscreen.

When it comes to Mexico, Air BnBs are a great option. The Secrets Riviera Cancun Resort & Spa, nestled between the Caribbean Sea and the Lagoon of Bahia Petempich, is a luxurious all-inclusive adults-only resort for those seeking an effortless getaway.

This resort is a personal favorite with a wide variety of activities that strike the perfect balance of quiet relaxation and social sophistication. Try your hand at a live flamenco performance, try a sport like soccer or corn hole, or try one of the many water sports offered at the resort.

Consider staying here so that you may see Xcaret, an ecological and archaeological theme park, which is excellent for a group vacation or a solo excursion. There is a whole world out there to explore.

I always treasure travel souvenirs and keeps them as gifts for future travel memories. I prefer the authentic experience in Mexico. Mercado 28, a popular flea market in downtown Cancun, is bursting with vendors who sell Mexican handicrafts, pottery, clothing, and of course food and beverages.

If you are looking for upscale boutiques and souvenir shops, La Isla Shopping Village is one of Cancun's most modern and extravagant open-air malls. However, the resort also has a great gift shop to pick up some beach wear, Cancun branded apparel, and any essentials you forgot to pack (let's be honest, we all forget or run out of toothpaste and mosquito repellent!)

Before I go on vacation, I always look for places to shoot your next photo. Mexico has a slew of Instagrammable and TikTok-worthy spots to shoot your next photo. After all, the white sand beaches, swimmable turquoise waters, and stunning sunsets above your hotel room will surely make your followers jealous.

Puerto Morelos, a 15 minute drive from the city, is famous for its beachfront eateries, deep sea fishing, and bars and lounges that will give you stunning photographs. Whether you're traveling with a loved one, friends, or flying solo, have a professional from Adventure Photo take photos of you. Avoid the ones you don't like.

The Rosewater Restaurant at Secrets Resort & Spa offers a wide array of choices for whatever cuisine you desire. Try Coquette for a delectable French dining experience or Spumante for Italian pastas and wines at the same time.

Picante serves Mexican-fusion cuisine as well as locally inspired small plates. However, go to downtown Cancun to satisfy your craving for street tacos. There is no such thing as too many tacos.

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