Your weekly love horoscope is predicting love at its first glance, so get ready for a wild romance

Your weekly love horoscope is predicting love at its first glance, so get ready for a wild romance ...

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Your love horoscope for the week of August 15 to 21 shows that things are about to get spicy! You had a big full moon in Aquarius last week, a lunar event that showed you what is and isnt working in your love life. Relationships take work, and this week, you'll see some of the results.

On August 16, chatty Mercury will form a trine with expansive Jupiter, revealing unexpected feelings that will strike you unnoticed. It's possible that if you're single and looking to mingle, youre missing out on something. Give in to the magic!

Are you willing to take a risk in love? Do it! Marsplanet of drive and ambition enters Gemini on August 20. This is a significant shift in energy and libido because Mars will spend an unusually long time here due to an upcoming retrograde this autumn. This should prove interesting in the coming months! Mercury opposes Neptune on August 21, making it a significant day for communication about anything!

According to your sun sign, Venus sign, and/or rising sign, your love horoscope for the week of August 15 to August 21 is trying to tell you.

This Week's Planets Will Affect Your Love Life

If there was ever a perfect week to discover romantic possibilities, this week might be it! Venus is dancing through your romance sector on Thursday shell make a stunning connection to lucky Jupiter in your sign. This cosmic support will help you move quickly toward romantic bliss with someone you just started dating. Single? You probably wont be that way for long! Plus, Mars enters your communication sector on Saturday, making your intellect more sexier than ever.

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On Sunday, the universe is amplifying your heart and intuition, especially in regard to your love life. It appears that what really lights your fire is likely to occur more behind the scenes and most likely in your house. Someone may be sending you mixed signals.

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This week, everything in your love life may begin to changeit may all be your own fault! Assertive Mars enters Gemini on Saturday and will begin an unusually lengthy tour through your clever, active sign. In fact, this energy will be here until the spring of 2023!

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As Mars enters your private 12th house on Saturday, it's quite possible that you'll assert your right to remain hidden from everyone for a while. It's time to stop being yourself again! Walking on your own is a fantastic way to discover yourself and eventually the perfect partner.

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This week, Venus in your sign to lucky Jupiter signifies that love is possible. It may be anything, from meeting your future spouse with a lavish gift or other gesture of affection. You may find yourself over the moon with happiness and gratitude for how your heart is unfolding.

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Despite the cosmic bounty you may see other signs experiencing, Trickster Mercury is scampering through your sign and will face off against nebulous Neptune on Sunday. You and your love interest may get caught up in a confusing conversation. One of you may even be lying about something to the other.

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This week, you may realize your greatest dreams in matters of the heart. Venus is in your chart connected to your greatest ambitions, and may slip into a lovely angle to lucky Jupiter in your partnership sector. If you have already married, this might spark motivation for you to pursue a spiritual connection.

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Sometimes, love is a battlefield. You may be starting to feel like you need to put on your armor and prepare for an extended confrontation with the person you love the most. Before you defend yourself, assess your motives. It's possible that your emotions have been triggered by something that's quite minor. Singles aren't the exception.

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Thanks to Venus' trine on Thursday, healing any past trauma or family trauma is the key to your love life becoming what it is meant to be. You may also be able to completely heal your emotional wounds for good.

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Venus is currently travelling through your partnership sector, bringing pleasant, affectionate vibes. You and your sweetie will most likely agree to expand your love life in some way. Singles may benefit as well as Mars is entering your romance sector on Saturday to freshen things up even further.

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No matter how much you want things to make sense in your love life, clarity may elude you this week. Mercury is currently skipping through your partnership sector and will travel over Neptune on Sunday for a harsh opposition. This energy can affect your mood throughout the week, making you feel like youre getting mixed signals from the person you're with, or worry that you're completely fooling yourself. If you're making excuses instead of making sense, then you'll realize that there's something wrong with yourself.

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