Here's What 11/11 Means and Why Is It A Powerful Sign From The Universe?

Here's What 11/11 Means and Why Is It A Powerful Sign From The Universe? ...

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You may have noticed the time as 11:11 and remembered it as an angel number in the same context. However, before you go furiously searching for 11/11 date meaning on Google, take a breath and accept that November 11 isnt here to hurt you, but rather the opposite. (Also, do not scroll down and read this. There is no need to get involved with Google.)

Ever wished on 11:11 before? Well, the myth that 11:11 is prime wish time didn't just arise from nowhere.1111 has a spiritual significance, according to both astrology and numerology. It is a powerful opportunity to reconnect with your inner self and kickstart some good-ass spiritual growth (hell yeah).

According to Hans Decoz of, the number 11 is your intuition and your connection to your subconscious, to gut feeling and knowledge without rationality. Its also the number youll often see when youre about to experience a spiritual awakening, or rebirth of some sort.

So of course, every year on November 11, we get the chance to experience this legendary number in all its splendor. Basically, get ready to emerge from November 11 all shiny and renewed. If you want to get into some more specifics about what 1111 means and what to do following seeing 1111, then scroll through and absorb some of this invaluable knowledge. And, as always, a very happy 11/11.

It's a Universe-Message

1111 is considered a master number, but it is also a spirit number through which your spirit guides might be contacting you. Not in a Hey, Susan, how do you doin, sort of way, but rather as a confirmation that you're on the right track (although it's cool to go to your spirit guides and get a nm, hbu back), or maybe you'll encounter it on your next purchase on YouTube right at 11:11. (Too specific? I've never encountered

Wherever you see it, you can be assured that youre heading in the right direction in terms of spiritual growth and achieving your goals. And speaking of achieving your goals,

Right now, you may be able to manifest anything.

The number 11 is known for having'manifestation abilities.' So please take the time to pay attention to your thoughts right now. Members of the spiritual community are heavily promoting thinking positive thoughts only during 11:11 and on November 11, because it's quite possible that thinking alone will make certain things happen.

Focus on the things you want to see and not on what you're afraid of doing. Be positive. You're more likely to spot and grab opportunities if you do.

A New Energetic Portal Has Arrived

Before you sigh expletives,no, I do not mean like a portal to another dimension. At least, not in the manner that sci-fi movies capture portals. This is an opportunity to grow spiritually, since it's very probable that many others will too.

You Might Soon Meet a Soul Mate or Your Twin Flame

It should come as no surprise that 1111 is also the number most commonly associated with spiritual relationships, such as soul mates or twin flames. It just might mean that youre extremely close at this time. Be open-minded and open to new opportunities. Anything you may be experiencing might indicate something.

Be Conscious of Your Thoughts

As previously mentioned, November 11 is the best manifestation date to get your idea or idea to work out. Instead, focus on the things you're excited about, and do so without attachment to the outcome. Simply put your wish out there, give it some elbow grease, but don't tie your whole identity around it. It's quite possible that the universe has something even better waiting for you.

Be Open and Receptive.

Life is brimming with opportunities for growth. And spiritually, this is undisputed. Be open to what these opportunities may offer for you through all your difficulties and celebrations. Make them teachable moments.

If you need help, ask for it.

If you're struggling or need help, contact your inner self. Especially your inner self. It's probably a lot to say at this time.

In November 2018, a revised version of this article was published.

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