Target Will Literally Customize The Perfect Skincare Routine For YouHere's How

Target Will Literally Customize The Perfect Skincare Routine For YouHere's How ...

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I understand that skincare is overwhelming. I literally work in beauty and it still gets confusing for me. There is just so much to keep you on track, and there isn't enough time in the day to get back on track.

Pure Culture Beauty at Target is here for you if you're struggling to decide where to start. They were inspired by two beauty industry veterans: Joy Chen and Victor Casale after they realized that most people have no clue what their true skin type is, and that even more people discover it wrong once they've made an educated guess.

Pure Culture offers an at-home skin test that specifies which products to use for your skin concerns. Then, open up the included test kit and apply one piece to your forehead and the other to your cheek. Based on the quantity of product you selected, your customized serums will be shipped directly to your door within the week.

Pure Culture Beauty has a few things you can learn more about, as well as our picks for the finest products to ship directly to your home:

3ct Pure Culture Beauty Custom Skincare Set

You may want to get the three-piece set since you know you'll receive three effective skincare steps that are suitable for your skin type and concern. The first test will be sent to you and the three products, based on your findings.

Custom Serum for Pure Culture Beauty

It'll cost you $29.99 if you only purchase the test and the serum.

Pure Culture Beauty Custom Serum & Moisturizer

If you want the entire kit, the test, the serum, and the moisturizer for under $50, it might make sense to purchase all three items for just a few dollars more. Since the three-piece kit is only $59.99, it's like paying under $20 for an entire set of goods that's customized to you.

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