Lee Grant, an Oscar winner, was abused by older men in the slums as a child

Lee Grant, an Oscar winner, was abused by older men in the slums as a child ...

When Lee Grant was a teenager, older guys fought for her attention.

In a recent interview, a 94-year-old actress revealed that while she was a teenager, one guy after another stabbed me endlessly. You know when you're 15, 16, 17, or when you're just so stoked, that these guys and they're older guys they're teasing you.

Interesting, the star of Valley of the Dolls claims she never had to deal with unwelcome attention in Hollywood.

Perhaps it's because the New York native was a victim of a 12-year ban starting in 1952, which resulted in no television or film roles.

I never met a producer who lash out at me in an unfavorable way, and I never had that experience, she said. Maybe because I wasn't a kid.

Grant was blacklisted because her first husband, Arnold Manoff, was a communist.

I was told by the committee (House Committee on Un-American Activities) that I would be eligible for a blacklist if I named him. It was like Alice in Wonderland. When I went in front of the committee, I had to laugh.

But the star of In the Heat of the Night believes that being blacklisted left her grateful in a sense for that education, and she believes that her second career as an acclaimed documentarian was influenced by her years of hardship.

Grant believes she came out of the experience relatively unscathed because I was only 23 when it happened.but the effects of what it did to the people who were older than me were astounding. My husband died at 52, John Garfield at 39. It was a slaughter of artists.

Grant claims that working for over ten years was the motivation for getting a facelift at the age of 32. After years of not working, she was finally offered a role in a play for a 26-year-old.

She explained that she saw me in the mirror and knew that I couldn't pass. It's been years of neglect for me and so somebody found a wonderful, attentive doctor who pulled up my face. It worked. I've never taken a picture of myself before but it was a real gift to me. It's not easy.

The Swarm, a campy murderous bee disaster movie, was Grant's first screen appearance that garnered her an Oscar nomination in the 1951 film Detective Story opposite Kirk Douglas. Over the years, she starred in great films such as Shampoo, which won her an Oscar, as well as a few lesser films.

She explained with a laugh that she needed the money. She continued, "The bees are coming!"

The director was irritated with me. I tried five times. I fell on the floor laughing. I couldnt believe the bees would be coming. Finally, I got through it.

The non-agenarian left the interview on a good note.

I want to state something that is vital to me: that my mother's family came from Odesa. Both Putin and Trump are my enemies; to me they are the same. We are fun and frivolous, but we also live in a frightening world. You have to take your hat off and say what you believe.

Grant is currently heard in Taylor A. Purdee's indie film, Killian & the Comeback Kids.

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