Justin Sylvester claims he wasn't shoving Jenna Bush Hager away

Justin Sylvester claims he wasn't shoving Jenna Bush Hager away ...

Setting the record straight.

Justin Sylvester took to Instagram to explain the viral moment in which he seemingly pushed Jenna Bush Hager away on Wednesday's Today show.

When people saw her during a facial Friday, they thought she was invading my space. It's actually not the truth.

We were both flirting. I was chatting with the chef because he was so sweet, and I was putting her out of the way so I could have a one-on-one conversation with the chef.

Bush Hager is one of the prettiest, most welcoming people I've ever encountered, according to Sylvester.

He added that he hates that people take [the moment] out of context.

When he and Bush Hager had their little disagreement earlier this week, the 35-year-old was co-hosting the morning talk show.

Bush Hager, 40, patted the Daily Pop stars' arm before wrapping her own around her shoulders while learning how to prepare a chicken dish.

However, the Beverly Hills Nannies alum tried to distance himself from the former first daughter. Nevertheless, she remained persistent and continued to inch closer to Sylvester before he gave her one last shove.

Bush Hager, who was surprised, looked up to the camera while smiling.

The Today host was a different story, claiming that Sylvester was clearly uneasy.

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