With KRS One, mayor Eric Adams commemorates hip-hop's 49th anniversary

With KRS One, mayor Eric Adams commemorates hip-hop's 49th anniversary ...

A mayoral party is largely at the expense of the taxpayer. A mayoral party is largely an accident.

Mayor Eric Adams, who hasnt had a night off from partying, was back Thursday night to celebrate hip-hop's 49th birthday with some of the genre's great musicians.

Adams was the front line at the Tocas Playhouse in Union Square, and everyone was so pleased and grateful to see him and mingle with him, according to a spy.

Everyone was expressing their appreciation for him. There was a lot of love in the room, they said.

DJ Tony Touch organized a party that included some of the most well-known hip-hop artists, including Kurtis Blow, Kool DJ Red Alert, and KRS One, who performed an entire set that lasted over an hour and a half.

[Mayor Adams] was moving with the crowd. He was just another fan of KRS One. He didnt take away the glitter from the party, according to the source.

As per the reports, Adams was on the scene with his nightlife director Ariel Palitz and Tony Touch yelled out for supporting the hip hop community.

Another partygoer who attended and is clearly Adams' team said, He knows where to go! Nightlife is part of the recovery [of New York City] and he knows that. He knows where to go and its not just places like Zero Bond, they said.

We appreciate that the mayor has moved away from the ultra-exclusive private club, but maybe it's time to bring the party back to City Hall. Perhaps it's just wishful thinking.

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