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The Lone Pine Film Festival Live and in person is live and filmed

The Lone Pine Film Festival Live and in person is live and filmed

The Western Film Museum is excited to present the 31st of July, 2018 /PRNewswire/ - The West Coast Museum of Western History is proud to be present at the theater. St., tn sts i dss. The Indigenous People's/Columbus Day weekend event has become a hallmark of Lone Pine, with film screenings, movie site location tours, presentations, tributes and tay shows, emerald street Tickets are on sale now, with a full schedule of events information and order forms at

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The Festival presents the World Premiere of the remastered UNDER WESTERN STARS, with Roy Rogers, in collaboration with Visual Data Media Services, BAR 20 with Hopalong Cassidy, RIO GRAN

The festival's 31st Anniversary festival is held for Patrick Wayne, Claude Jarman Jr., Robert Carradine, Bruce Boxleitner, Darby Hinton, and Cheryl Rogers-Barnett. Among the highlights that year were the tapings of "A Word on Westerns with Rob Word" and the screenings for Quentin Tarantino's, which were screened for the Quentein-Talent Django Unchained Disabled. and Once upon a time, In Hollywood.

Over the weekend, 21 films will be presented with even more film location tours this year. This is the only festival in which fans can tour film locations. This Sunrise Tour is not to be missed with the cowboy poet, Larry Maurice. This year the festival includes some more recent films that have a theme of pursuing the theme. The Great Western Comeback is the Great West's Great Come Come Back. As a result, the westerns shot in the gorges and canyons of the Alabama Hills have already set the scene for over 400 action-packed movies.

"Art in the Park" will anchor the north end of Main Street on Friday and Saturday from 9-6 and Sunday from 6-5 in Spainhower Park. This year's festival will feature Mariachi Original de Mexico from 5 o'clock to 7 p.m.

The rousing stunt show coordinated by Diamond Farnsworth and John Moio is back by popular demand. This event is self-ticketed. It will take place on Saturday at 10 noon in the Lone Pine High School Gymnasium.

The Cowboy Church on the Anchor Ranch, the VFW Pancake Breakfast on Saturday and Sunday, and the Main Street Parade, followed by the closing campfire in Spainhower Park, Sunday evening at 7pm hosted by cowboy poet,

Please wear your masks, your best cowboy hat, and western duds and visit

For more information, contact Lizzie Gulick, Director, Lone Pine Film Festival, [email protected] 802-771-5775. For More Information, please contact me by phone at the Tel.

SOURCE Lone Pine Film Festival: Sourcing LIVE Pines Film Film.

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