Jaclyn Hill pays tribute to her late ex-husband, Jon Hill

Jaclyn Hill pays tribute to her late ex-husband, Jon Hill ...

On Friday, Jaclyn Hill wrote an emotional letter to her late ex-husband, Jon Hill, claiming him to be the most kind and compassionate person she's ever known.

I can't believe that this day has actually come. I'm so disoriented right now, I'm not sure how I'll even type this. But I'll try, the 32-year-old said on Instagram just two days after his death.

Jon, she continued, you were the most kind and compassionate person Ive ever met. You truly recognized and cared about what they had to say. You had so much talent that you didn't even know what you would do with it. You transformed your pain into art that touched so many people with your honesty in your music.

The founder of Jaclyn Hill Cosmetics then talked about the 33-year-old's humor and ability to entertain people, something she will always miss about the musician.

I know we've ended our marriage, but we never gave up believing in one another. All I ever wanted was for you to find your happiness and be free from your challenges. My heart is broken knowing that you are gone, but my spirit is certain that you are finally free.

Twix concluded the post saying she will always carry their memories and inside jokes with her, joking, "Rest peacefully."

On Thursday, the influencer shared the news with her 7.6 million followers, claiming that the Jons family requested her to make the announcement.

Our beloved Andrew Jonathan Hill passed away on August 10, 2022, according to a statement.

The Hill family request privacy during this particularly difficult time. Welcome to the Hill Family.

The reason for the musician's death has yet to be disclosed.

Jaclyn and Jon wed in 2009, but divorced nine years later.

Jon reveals his drug addiction in a 2019 interview with Billboard. Their relationship was triggered by their struggle with drugs.

I started breaking out in hives during our third year of marriage. It became evident that something was amiss.

Although the drummer became sober years later, he said Jaclyn had already decided she would not want to be with him anymore.

The musician said he was reliant on drugs less than two months after their divorce.

Although the rocker claimed to be sober at the time of the interview, his health appeared to have deteriorated shortly thereafter.

Jon hasn't had a phone in months, according to Jaclyn. No one has contact with him since last month.

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