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Aidoc and Subtle Medical Partner will bring end-to-end AI solutions to Medical Imaging Imaging with AI and AI partners

Aidoc and Subtle Medical Partner will bring end-to-end AI solutions to Medical Imaging Imaging with AI and AI partners

NEW YORK, Sept. 14, 2021 -- Aidoc announced today a partnership with Subtle Medical, whose technology offers medical imaging expertise. This partnership brings best-of-breed AI to both image acquisition Aidoc developed the industry's most robust AI platform, delivering unified and seamless cross-specialty experience to physicians in over 500 medical centers. The platform is included in the scuda and the Aox The largest clinical deployment is a clinical trial deployment. AI in the healthcare field at Radiology Partners.

"Mainstream healthcare adoption of AI requires comprehensive solution and ability to deliver their results in an efficient and seamless manner," said Tom Valent, VP of Business Development at Aidoc. Through this partnership, we will provide health and imaging centers with Subtle Medical's optimal solution, now seamlessly delivered through a unified AI architecture. The ability of our platform to deliver interoperable AI solutions is a game changer for AI adoption.

Aidoc's AI-powered software analyzes medical images for critical conditions and trigger actionable alerts directly in the imaging workflow. Subtle Medical' patented technology enables medical specialists to reduce turnaround time and improve quality of care SubtlePETTM and and SubtleMRTM Such tools improve image quality by improving the quality of accelerated scans. This enables faster scan times and can increase the number of patients scanned per day. Subtle's solutions are compatible with all scanner brands, models and field strengths so institutions can see the benefit across their entire scanner fleet.

Aidoc's post-acquisition clinical workflow solutions are among the main products of this agreement, said Josh Gurewitz. "We believe that integration of Subtle's AI-based software tools with the Aidoc platform will dramatically change the medical imaging equation."

About Subtle Medical, about half-amples.

Subtle Medical, Inc. is a leading healthcare technology company that makes medical imaging faster, safer and smarter. For more information, visit

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