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Frost & Sullivan examines the prominent company in the growing Israeli Clean-tech sector

Frost & Sullivan examines the prominent company in the growing Israeli Clean-tech sector

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Prime Energy was established in 2013 in Israel. The company takes up renewable energy projects in Israel and Europe, develops, builds, operates and maintains renewable technologies. It has an extensive experience across all phases of renewable energy projects. The company has successfully erected PV projects in Israel with approx. To achieve this feat, the capacity will exceed 100 MW, which exemplifies the capability to develop projects from early stages of development. It developed the first solar system of two use in Israel. The company has 680 megawatts projects in various stages of development and a storage capacity of 1,000 MW is currently in Israel. The company aims to produce 4000 MW of global electricity by 2030.

Overall, it has a project portfolio (Israel and Europe) with varying operational capacities. Project share is approx. 1.4 GW, up from various stages of development, construction and operation (company share of a company is approximately 45%). 1,3 GW of electricity. Prime Energy seeks to increase its installed capacity, develop new partnerships in diverse global markets and use advanced technology to improve its operating margins.

We start our coverage with a target price of 19.3 NIS.

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