Britney Spears' Mental Health Is Worried By Kevin Federline & Sons

Britney Spears' Mental Health Is Worried By Kevin Federline & Sons ...

Britney Spears is faced with a mountain of difficulties once more, just when she was beginning to enjoy her life. Kevin Federline, her ex-husband, is causing her a lot of difficulties. In an ironic twist, he now says he and his two sons are concerned about Britney's mental health.

Kevin Federline agreed to speak publicly about Britney Spears' alleged separation from their sons. He consented since he and the boys are concerned about the superstars' mental health. Page Six learned about the Federline incident from a source familiar with the matter.

Kevin gave the interview because he and the boys are upset. They fear that everyone is completely ignorant of Britney's [mental difficulties], which isn't a secret.

Any claims that Federline did the interview out of concern for the singer are pathetic and unjustified, according to a Spears source. This week, Federline came forward and said that their boys did not desire to see the singer.

Kevin gave an interview to the Daily Mail and edited it into an interview with ITV News. He then shared two clips from four years ago of Spears arguing with her kids on Instagram. He deleted the videos from the internet some hours later.

After all of what my kids have been through, I cannot stand back and allow myself to be accused in this manner. We decided as a family to post these pictures. This is not even the worst of it. The lies must be ended. I wish our children to be better than this.

Federline is in no placeto speak, according to one of Spears' former boyfriends. The unnamed ex-boyfriend even suggested that Federline may be taking money from Spearsfather. Spears was one of the individuals responsible for ensuring Spears's 13-year conservatorship.

Jamie's attorney Alex Weingarten denied the claim and stated that he has not spoken to Kevin or his grandsons in over three years. There is no truth to any of this. Britneys attorney Rosengart claims that she has always supported her sons and loved them dearly.

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