Ex Jason Alexander's Short Jail Pentence Disappointed Britney Spears

Ex Jason Alexander's Short Jail Pentence Disappointed Britney Spears ...

JasonAlexander, Britney Spears' ex-husband, claims that the Britney Spears organization forced him to annul his marriage to the pop star. Fans are aware of their short-lived marriage as well. Not the Seinfeld actor, jason Alexander has also pleaded not guilty following her wedding.

Jason Alexander did the unthinkable when he crashed Britney Spears and Sam Asgharis' wedding. As previously reported, Jason Alexander has been booked for trespassing, vandalism, and two batteries related to his physical altercations with Britney's security.

It's not all, as he was carrying anaknife during the wedding. He's also wanted for grand theft. He was also sentenced to prison recently.

Jason was ordered to serve an additional 64 days in jail, for a total of 128 days, according to Hollywood Life. Britney Spears personally is disappointed by the short prison term.

Britney is relieved that Jason was found guilty of what she did on her wedding day after having had one of the most difficult weeks of her life. However, Britney does not believe that Jason's sentence is enough for what he did, but she and Sam believe that justice has been served.

She can rest assured that Jason is still in jail for the time being, and she believes that the three-year restraining order that was issued against him is enough.

Britney Spears is currently recovering from Kevin Federline, so Jason Alexander is the last thing she has to worry about. Please keep us updated on this ongoing story.

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