Every Marvel Cinematic Universe Character Is Likely to Appear in Avengers 5 Kang Dynasty

Every Marvel Cinematic Universe Character Is Likely to Appear in Avengers 5 Kang Dynasty ...

In a similar manner to how the original Avengers Endgame concluded Marvel Studios' first collection of films, many people are wondering who will appear in the next Avengers flick.

Fans have been introduced to several new heroes and teams in Phase 4, reunited with a few familiar faces, and replaced characters in existing mantles already. As Earth's Mightiest Heroes require all the help they can get to defeat Jonathon Majors' Kang the Conqueror, there's no doubt the cast of the next twoAvengersblockbusters will be stacked.

The options for who might return for The Kang Dynasty are endless. Even dead characters are far from off the table thanks to alternate timelineshenanigans.

Kang the Conqueror has long been dubbed the most powerful villain in the Multiverse Saga, and The Kang Dynastyclearly cements that. Fans have already met one Variant inLokiand may soon meet another inAnt-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania in the nextAvengersblockbuster. But will he survive to antagonize again inSecret Wars?

Sam Wilson will soon be at the forefront of the Marvel Cinematic Universe as he takes on a larger role in Earth's Mightiest Heroes in the future. After fully accepting the Captain America role inNew World Order, he should have one of the greatest roles in the Kang Dynasty.

Captain Marvel, a scion of Brie Larson, is one of the most powerful MCU heroes, as she proved inAvengers: Endgame. The Kree hero will likely be a part of the MCU's Big Threeheroes in the future, with a comeback inThe Kang Dynasty almost certain.

Shang-Chi, a martial arts expert, proved to be a popular addition to the Marvel Cinematic Universe when he made his debut in his 2021 solo film. Destin Daniel Cretton, the director ofShang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings, is also set to direct the Kang Dynasty.

The Black Panther will no doubt be a major player in the Marvel Cinematic Universe heading into the future, and all evidence appears to be indicating Shuri will take over T'Challa in the mantle. Even if Shuri loses out on the mantle to another Wakandan, she will certainly be one of the smartest people in the Marvel universe and a key player in Wakanda.

Doctor Strange, who plays Iron Man in Benedict Cumberbatch's Multiverse of Madness, has essentially been relegated to Robert Downey Jr.'s No Way Home as the MCU's leading man. Strange is the expert on all things Multiverse, and his expertise will certainly be invaluable to the Avengers.

The multiverse of Madness introduced viewers to Charlize Theron's Clea, a powerful sorceress who might be Doctor Strange's love interest. With the niece of Dormammu being the one to alert Strange to an Inquiry he has caused, she may have a role to play in the next Secret Wars event all about said Incursions.

AfterDoctor Strange, who knew he would have the most appearances in Phase 4, right? The sorcerer will be sitting at four Phase 4 appearances, which appear to be establishing him as the Nick Fury of the supernatural side of things. It would be a shame if he missed out on the second and sixth Phase 4 roles.

Doctor Strange 2 introduced America Chavez, a multiverse-like character who has a good deal of power, to the Avengers, especially now that she has learnt some magic at Kamar-Taj.

The Kang Dynasty's final scene saw the God of Mischief and his Variant Sylvie unravel the Multiverse, which may open the way for Loki to play him in The Kang Dynasty. Particularly since the famous conqueror has also proved central to Loki; after two seasons of his Disney+ series, Tom Hiddleston's redeemed Asgardian might be the expert the Avengers need. It would be fascinating to see how he interacts with his former Avenging fo

Sylvie might be just as integral to Infinity WarandEndgame due to her connection to Thanos, given her role in establishing the Multiverse. After almost single-handedly causing the chaos, she would not exactly be popular with her fellow MCU characters if she were not killed He Who Remains, a Kang Variant.

Chris Hemsworth has had one of the most extensive MCU careers, and his journey is certainly still going strong after Love and Thunder. The Australian actor has reiterated his intention to remain active in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, so he will most likely join the Avengers in re-teaming with the Kang Dynastyto.

Following Thor 4, the God of Thunder has now traveled across the galaxy with Gorr's resurrecteddaughter, Love, played by India Hemsworth. They will undoubtedly be inseparable in the Marvel Cinematic Universe in the future, which may lead to Love having a minor role to play in The Kang Dynasty alongside Thor.

Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania played a crucial role inAvengers: Endgame, and he will soon lead his next adventure with him. Kang, who will be the villain ofThe Kang Dynasty, might fit in with ease, unless he doesn't survive his third solo film.

The chances of Evangeline Lilly returning for The Kang Dynasty depend on whether Paul Rudd returns in the future. Perhaps they are more important to the new Marvel team than they were in the first.

Due to Sony's complicated rights arrangements, Tom Holland's Spider-Man doesn't get to crossover into the Marvel Cinematic Universe often, although he might be able to return for an event like this. Nevertheless, legal issues with Sony and the fact that all memory of Peter Parker has been erased from the MCU may make his return difficult.If he does appear there may be some setup for that wardrobe change in The Kang Dynasty, especiallyafter No Way Homesaw a Symbiote crawling

After years of waiting, the Fantastic Four will soon reprise their blockbuster role in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, with Phase 6 set to premiere shortly after The Kang Dynasty. Both actors play a key role in the original Secret Warsstory, while Mr. Fantastic is also a distant ancestor of Kang in the comics, allowing for some interesting dynamics between him and the villain.

AfterShe-Hulk, there's no indication where the MCU will take Bruce Banner, aka Hulk, after he was last seen in theShang-Chipost-credits sequence, providing his opinion on the origin of the Ten Rings. Mark Ruffalo's Bruce Banner is a safe bet for the Kang Dynasty.

Hawkeye, at least as we know him, appears to have departed from the Marvel Cinematic Universe. By the end of the series, the torch and mantle had been handed to Kate Bishop, indicating a potential departure from the universe for Jeremy Renner. However, as one of the few original heroes, his inclusion is a natural one, even if it is to end his story.

Kate Bishop has a somewhat greater chance of being a hero in the Kang Dynasty, although she is expected to stay active as a hero in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, unlike Clint, although her future is likely to be with the Young Avengers rather than the main team, according to Hailee Steinfeld.

Yelena Belova of Florence Pugh is said to be set up to become the next Black Widow in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, perhaps indicating that she might one day be an Avenger. Yelena is thought to have had a long time since she was last seen attempting to murder Jeremy Renner's Hawkeye, but maybe she will return before the nextAvengersblockbuster to continue her redemption.

Sam Wilson has been transformed into Captain America by The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, but Bucky Barnes is still figuring out how to interpret him. This is a confusing picture that needs to be resolved before the Kang Dynastyand Secret Wars, where he might find his demise after more than a decade in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Monica Rambeau may be able to rejoin The Avengers after a WandaVisioninThe Marvels, a team that will cement her heroic identity and begin to establish her as the latest addition to the Avengers. Past speculation suggested that theCaptain Marvelsequel might hint at the next generation of Avengers.

Ms. Marvel has just made her debut in her own Disney+ series before collaborating with other heroes inThe Marvels. There's always a possibility that Ms. Marvel may be able to remain absent from the main Avengers franchise as she instead plays a role in the Young Avengers or Champions. Perhaps Carol Danvers will bring Kamala Khan and Monica Rambeau along for the ride in The Kang Dynasty, especially after Iman Vellani's hero became an instant fan favorite.

Cassie Lang will be the Young Avenger Stature in Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania, and with that in mind, there's a good possibility she'll fight her father or seek to Avenge him in The Kang Dynasty.

She-Hulk will soon join the Marvel Cinematic Universe, thanks to her Avenger cousin Bruce Banner's professional career as a superhero lawyer. She has a good chance of crossing over with other heroes down the line.

War Machine is getting his own Disney+ show,Armor Wars, which might lead to him taking on more of an active role in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Since Age of Ultronin a minor role, Rhodey has appeared in everyAvengersfilm, and The Kang Dynasty may very well be the same, even with Tony Stark out.

It's hard to imagine Daredevil joining the Avengers in a blockbuster Multiverse event. But Charlie Cox's blind lawyer has risen in popularity in recent years, and there is a comic precedent for him joining the Avengers.

Most people would assume the Guardians of the Galaxy would be a safe bet for The Kang Dynasty after Vol. 3, since the team is either expected to be renamed with a new roster or re-emerged entirely after the film. Chris Pratt has speculated on the possibility that one or two members of the team might return via the Multiverse.

The Thunderbolts' expansion will run until July 2024, bringing together a group of shady individuals to do some good. Moving into the Kang Dynasty, there's every chance they will be summoned once more to assist the Avengers in protecting Earth.

After their ensemble debut, the Eternals were left across the galaxy, with several taken by Arishem and the others traveling around the galaxy. If this issue can be resolved before the Kang Dynasty, there's a chance they'll play a similar role as the Guardians of the Galaxy inInfinity War.

Nick Fury hasn't had much to do with the superhero team sinceAge of Ultron, despite being first introduced as the Avengers' founder, and having appeared in all of their team-up movies. However, Samuel L. Jackson may be preparing to end his time in his Marvel role.

Captain Carter, played by Hayley Atwell, has transitioned from animation to live-action in Multiverse of Madness, and although she was sliced with the shield, there are plenty more Variants of her out there. According to speculation, there may even be a Captain Carter film in the works, suggesting that Marvel Studios is interested in pursuing this character further in live-action.

The Watcher, directed by Jeffrey Wright, made his debut inWhat If...?, and fans have since clamored for him to take on the role of live-action. With him being the overseer of the Multiverse, it makes sense that he would be witnessing an event comparable to the Kang Dynasty and Secret Wars. He might even manage to carry his iconicWhat If...? narration during a big-screen event.

Owen Wilson's Mobius might play a key role in the opening up of the Multiverse given the role played by the TVA. With Kang occupying a significant role in the organization, an appearance from him to offer his perspective is far from out of the question.

Ryan Reynolds will soon reprise the role of the Merc with the Mouth in the sequel to Deadpool, which will take Wade Wilson into the Marvel Cinematic Universe for a "fish out of water" movie. However, the Kang Dynasty is his first opportunity to take part in a major crossover event.

Moon Knight, played by Oscar Isaac, was released in the Marvel Cinematic Universe's most standalone film since Iron Man, but he will probably not be a solo hero forever as he joins up with the Avengers. One can only imagine the joy of seeing both Marc Spector and Steven Grant interact with their fellow heroes as he has to explain his mental health condition for the first time. The Kang Dynasty is an example of that.

Layla El-Faouly became the Scarlet Scarab in the season finale of Moon Knight, but it's unclear how she'll fare in the future as Egypt's heroic protector. With so many characters to fit intoSecret Wars, the Egyptian hero seems unlikely to make the cut. Again, Layla proved popular with fans following her Disney+ debut.

Blade has yet to make his first official appearance in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but has already begun interlinking with the MCU. Since he has already begun making connections outside his franchise, there may be more to come on a larger scale in the near future.

Dane Whitman of Kit Harrington will no doubt one day be a major player in the Marvel Cinematic Universe as he transforms into the Black Knight with the help of Blade. However, having just encountered Mahershala Ali's Blade as he warned him before picking up the Ebony Blade, it is possible that his heroic transformation will take place as soon as next year in the solo film about the vampire hunter.

Scarlet Witch is in a somewhat disconcerting position in the MCU at the moment, asDoctor Strange 2 left it unclear whether she was dead or alive. Wanda might need some time out of the MCU after her nasty performance to avoid ruining the impact of that film.

AfterWandaVision, the future of Vision in the Marvel Cinematic Universe is less clear than ever. InInfinity War, a rebuilt version of the Vibranium synthezoid is now roaming the world, and there's no clear place for him to take place next.

Agatha Harkness, WandaVision's evil witch, may seem like an odd candidate to take the Kang Dynasty, but there is reason to believe she might, as she is well-known in the Multiverse, and Marvel Studios clearly wants to make her a household name soon.

Thanos completed his MCU arc in Endgame, but that doesn't mean the character will be gone forever. His remains were discovered inMultiverse of Madness, and he was said to be inEternals. Perhaps a Variant from another universe may appear in The Kang DynastyorSecret Wars.

Riri Williams' Ironheart is already working on her own Disney+ series and is expected to wear her own Iron Man-inspired outfit in Black Panther: Wakanda Forever. These connections to major MCU players might set her up for the next big collaboration.

Tenoch Huerta will play Namor as Atlantean ruler in this year's Black Panther: Wakanda Forever, although it's unlikely that Namor will be joined by the Avengers. He may well require his own solo appearance before that becomes a reality.

Many were surprised when Okoye and the Wakandans had an unexpectedly significant role to play inAvengers: Infinity War, and she may well do the same inThe Kang Dynasty. According to reports, Danai Gurira's warrior may even be getting her own Disney+ series, which only increases her chances of continuing to grow in the future.

M'Baku, a Winston Duke, has been another popular choice for the Black Panther throne, making him a top contender for the White Panther role in Secret Wars. However, whether or not he will be honored in Wakandan Forever, the odds are slim of him receiving that honor once more.

Valkyrie should play a much greater role in the MCU in the future, especially after proving she's still ready for the fight in Love and Thunder. Much like inEndgame, any role she might have in the Kang Dynastyshould be limited to a brief action moment.

Steve Rogers of Chris Evans escaped the horrors of Endgame to return to the 20th century to live his life with Peggy Carter, seemingly indicating his retirement from the Marvel family. Since then, reports have suggested Evans is considering returning to the Marvel family in a future project, either as a Variant or his older self.

Adam Warlock is one of Marvel's most powerful heroes, and fans will finally see him on screen inGuardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3, played by Will Poulter. The hero will first be introduced as the Sovereign's chief weapon against the Guardians, but will undoubtedly realize his heroic roots before long. However, he may not make the cut for theAvengersflick due to his recent appearance at the Kang Dynasty.

Brett Goldstein's Hercules was introduced inThor: Love and Thunder, where he promised to his father, Zeus, that "Thor Odinson would be lifted from the skies." With no plans for either hero inThe Kang Dynasty, Hercules may assist the Avengers against their latest foe. But there's every chance Hercules might see his own solo project before joining the Avengers.

Alaqua Cox's Echo will soon be turned into her own Disney+ series, following her breakout role inHawkeye. She is a more down-to-earth street-level character, and it's difficult to envision her fitting into The Kang Dynasty, especially considering she has no strong connections to any of the other heroes.

Jessica Jones, played by Krysten Ritter in a Netflix series, has yet to be cast in a Marvel Studios production. However, Daredevil's search for Jones will likely continue, putting her in excellent position for a reunion. Even so, she wasn't fond of hanging out with her fellow street heroes inThe Defenders.

Thor: Love and ThundersawJane Foster becomes a hero of her own accord as she ascends to Valhalla following the death of her cancer diagnosis. For the time being, it's unlikely that her afterlife revelation will open the way for further appearances or a gentle send-off.

Iron Man, played by Robert Downey Jr., said his final goodbyes to the Marvel Cinematic Universe with his famous universe-saving snap. Many have since wondered whether or when Iron Man will be back, and perhaps another actor, such as Tom Cruise, will take the lead in the Multiverse Saga.

Black Widow looks set to make a stunning comeback in Secret Wars, unlike The Kang Dynasty. Scarlett Johansson was recently sued by Disney over her Disney+ release, but she seems to have made up with her now serving as a producer on an upcoming MCU project.

Tobey Maguire reprised his classic wall-crawler role in "Multiverse of Madness," but that failed to pay off. The classic Spider-Man might well reprise his role once more to complete the Multiverse Saga.

Due to the many drastically different Variants out there, Spider-Man is well-known as a Marvel character. There is unlikely to be room for more than one Spider-Man in The Kang Dynastyand Secret Wars.

Sony's Spider-Man Universe appears in the same Multiverse as the MCU inMichael Keaton's Vulture, but has since returned to his own reality. Perhaps, with another Multiverse-altering event right around the corner, Sony and Disney will be able to play nice and bring even more heroes intoThe Kang Dynastyand Secret Wars.

Infinity WarandEndgameare considered to be two of the greatest films in history, both financially and on a raw scale. Marvel Studios will have a difficult task capturing the excitement that those films witnessed withThe Kang DynastyandSecret Wars, but it certainly has all the actors necessary to make it happen.

There's no denying that so many characters aren't likely to make the cut for the next twoAvengersflicks. Too many characters might result in a lack of character exploration, thus it may be best that some remain out of the mix or at least have their roles limited to participation in a large action sequence.

There are also many people who simply don't belong in a cosmic event of this nature, such as the majority of street heroes. After all, what would someone like Echo have to contribute to the fight against Kang the Conqueror?

The Kang Dynasty in the Avengers hits theaters on May 2, 2025; Secret Wars will be released on November 7, 2025.

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