While defending the MCU, Mark Ruffalo throws a hint at Star Wars

While defending the MCU, Mark Ruffalo throws a hint at Star Wars ...

Between the CGI, runtimes, and the so-called "woke" culture, Marvel Studios has faced more criticism than ever before going into Phase 4. As franchise storytelling continues to become more popular, the MCU is always compared to other major franchises such as the DCEU and Star Wars.

The fan base has become increasingly dissatisfied with all of the latest projects and that extends throughout the industry, with much of Hollywood's top talent offering differing opinions. Many praise the MCU's variety in terms of genres, style, and characters.

One of the MCU's most well-known actors has offered his own opinions on how the MCU fares against the competition.

Mark Ruffalo Compares Marvel and Star Wars.

Attorney at Law Hulk actor Mark Ruffalo discussed whether Marvel Studios is excessively releasing material, putting a damper on the Star Wars franchise in the process.

Ruffalo defended the way Marvel allows its artists to "recreate each piece to their own style, their own appearance," while Star Wars always tends to have a similar feeling of being "in that same kind of world."

"Its not something I worry about." I understand that things go by quickly and something else comes along. But what Marvel has done well is that, like with comic books, they allow a director or an actor to create each piece according to their own style and personality. But with Marvel, you can have a completely different experience."

What Makes Star Wars and Marvel So Different?

Star Wars may encompass many characters, eras, and cultures, but ultimately, everything falls under the sci-fi umbrella with a similar tone. Marvel on the other hand, explores a wide variety of topics, but does so under different genres with different tones as each director is free to approach things in their own way.

Star Wars was always conceived as a one-off franchise, and has since had many Disney spin-offs. This is what has allowed the franchise to continue to pursue so much interest.

Star Wars appears to be moving further in the direction of the Marvel Cinematic Universe as Disney+ continues to expand the franchise at an alarming rate. With series such asAndor, The Mandalorian, andObi-Wan Kenobifollowing very different protagonists and settings, this variety of tones will become ever more important to maintain interest and make each project feel unique.

The original question Ruffalo was asked - "is there too much Marvel content?" - is up for debate. The MCU's expansion across Disney+ and the big screen may prove too much to keep everybody's interest. However, the MCU appears to be treading similarly with different content.

Mark Ruffalo will next appear in She-Hulk: Attorneyat Law, which will be released on Disney+ on August 18.

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