Will Arrowverses' creator Kevin Feige become DCs? A New Report Tests the Potential

Will Arrowverses' creator Kevin Feige become DCs? A New Report Tests the Potential ...

In comic book films, the fate of the universe is a common theme. Who knew it might become so common at Warner Bros. several times in recent years, owing to unfavorable reviews and legal difficulties as a result of that.

Before announcing a 10-year DC plan that would follow the MCU, Warner Bros. attributed the decision to a "leadership's strategic shift." In addition, the studio has been open in expressing its desire for a leader like Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige.

The question now, of course, is who will be DC'sFeige and oversee this new 10-year strategy for the blue brand? Well, a new report suggests that while one corner of the studio's DC Universe is coming to an end, it may only be the beginning for its creator.

Is the Arrowverse's creator in line to play Kevin Feige in DC's Arrowverse?

Greg Berlanti, the Arrowverse's CEO, is a plausible candidate to take over Warner Bros. Discovery's new DC Extended Universe, according to Variety.

Berlanti has overseen a connected DC universe as the "Arrowverse" on The CW, much like Marvel's Kevin Feige.

This shared universe began in 2012, consisting of programs such as Arrow, The Flash, Supergirl, and others. However, since The Flash's final season airs in2023, it appears thatthe Arrowverse may finally come to an end.

Variety has also reported that Warner Bros. has yet to contact Berlanti, and that the producer has not pursued the position. Insiders have also suggested that he would not be interested in pursuing the position.

Is the DCU's Hierarchy About to Change?

Berlanti's background in DC and in establishing and managing a connected universe makes sense that he would be nominated for a film producer's job in 2021.

However, the fact that he hasn't pursued the position, as well as reports that he's not interested in working in-house, puts considerable doubt on his potential to be DC's Kevin Feige.

The current DC film president, Walter Hamada, isn't exactly the industry's favorite at the moment.

Once Dwayne Johnson's Black Adam is released on October 21, 2022, the studio executive is reportedly out of the door.

Since Hamada joined the studio in 2018, DC has produced box office sensations, including Aquaman and Matt Reeves' The Batman. Also,Warner Bros. Discovery's film division heads,Michael De Luca and Pam Abdy, have been open about their desire for the current president to remain in his position.

In an already complex situation, vying for potential positions and evaluating candidates like Greg Berlantiis will be difficult until the dust settles from all of the recent weeks' worth of shakeups and bombshells.

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